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I am Back.. Again.

Hello again! One thing that may have caught your attention is I have been posting more! I sincerely thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Some of you may have wondered what happened to me.

I have been making more of an effort to write. I set aside the time. I write when I feel like it. Even if it means the dishes wait. Or the laundry is done later. Eff the laundry.

This is who I am. I am a writer. I love seeing words on a screen.

So where have I been? Where did I go? How’s life? Well…

School/End. Summer. Beach trip. Family Drama <—- Sticks to me like glue.

I observe quietly. Holding it in. Waiting for the right time to create a written masterpiece from the explosion of feelings and thoughts— a poem, or a story.

I have stories within me to tell. I won’t be going anywhere. I’m back to stay.

On a side note: I am trying to envision the future of my blog. How I want it to be. If this is home. Or if I have other ideas… Maybe I am out of my “groove.”

Thoughts? Comments? How is your summer?



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“Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It’s that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that’s what the poet does.”

—Allen Ginsberg

Poetry exposes a poet’s inner soul. We take our deepest, most private thoughts- some we wouldn’t dare tell another soul– and create beautiful poetry. When we are quiet, we are thinking or observing. At least, I am. How about you?

Whether you are quiet or not, a poet or a writer of a different genre, keep writing! People want to read what you are creating!

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Hymn for The Missing.

Came across this tune today  that ironically came on as I wrote my poem about my grandma. It is a sad one about missing someone who has passed away.

Give it a listen and see if you like it.

Hymn for the Missing

I believe you have to be in the right mood to listen to certain kinds of music and certain songs. So if you do like this song add it to you could add it to your list of songs you listen to when you are missing someone.

What do you think? Did you like it?


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Sense8– One of the Newest Netflix Originals. Review. Episode 1.



One of the newest Netflix Originals available! I think I like it.  The concept is interesting. We watched the season in its entity in three days.

Having said that, I wanted to start doing reviews of the episodes to try something new.  Upcoming spoilers– you were warned!

A couple of things–

Sense8 is NOT a show you can watch out-of-order. Or you will be lost.

I never quite understood the concept of jumping in from a middle episode anyway. You miss important key factors doing it that way. A

nother thing is– it’s a graphic show. I mean, REALLY, GRAPHIC.

I don’t understand why more television shows feel the need to go all out “porn-o” on the love scenes. What happened to less is more? Or implying it?

The concept behind Sense8–

A “cluster” of people connected to each other inside the same body. A person can be present at home yet will their spirit to be at another place with one of the others inside of their cluster of eight.  They can all be present at once or solo at different times when they need each other. They have a psychic connection.

They can feel what the other feels emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Inside the cluster-

Will– the  Cop — in Chicago

Riley- the DJ– in London

Lito- the Actor- in Mexico City

Sun- the VP/Chief Financial Officer of her Father’s Company– Kick-boxer-Seoul

Kala-Pharmacist– Mumbai

Wolfgang- Locksmith/Thief– Berlin

Cepheus-  Skilled- Bus Driver– Nairobi

Nomi- Transgender Female- Vlogger/Hacker– San Francisco

Episode One– Limbic Resonance

Starts with Angelica and Jonas. Only Jonas is not physically there.

Angelica is the “Mother” of the cluster, and “births” them.

She is present throughout the episode trying to help guide the eight toward their new birth.

Angelica is fearful, and in pain during the scene. She takes drugs to hide from someone we have not yet encountered. She furnishes a gun.

Jonas tries to comfort her. Tells her they will be in danger whether “they” are born or not.

“None of us were ever as strong as you.” He says.

She starts seeing them, and tells him to “Protect them.”

He assures her he will “Always be here.” 

The man they’ve been hiding from materializes. First, spiritually.

His name is “Whispers.” Suits him. He is whispering in her ear.

Angelica engages in conversation with both men.

She tells Jonas she loves him though Whispers asks, “Does he know you are lying? Or is that still our little secret?” She tells Jonas to go.

Whispers taunts her more. Telling her she is “one of them.” He will “meet Jonas soon.”

“He is taking her home with him. There is work to be done.”

He walks into the abandoned building. Sees her sitting on the tattered mattress, and before they can take her as ordered— BANG!!

We flash to Will the cop in Chicago. Will dreams of a girl he couldn’t help. Pleading for help. Haunting him.

He wakes up with the bang and seeing Angelica. He has a headache, and hears loud music he thinking it is coming from next door only there is nothing there…

We flash to Riley in London.. Loud music blasting, and bright lights scatter about the floor as she spins. (Make the connection–  it’s what Will is hearing)

Jacks, Nocker, and Nyx talk about what an excellent DJ she is. They bring up her vision of Angelica. Embarrassed she blames drugs.

We meet Lito in Mexico City. He has trouble remembering his lines, and doesn’t feel like himself.

His director asks him, “What is up? Yesterday he had “visions of suicidal angels?” Tells him he needs him to be “in character.”

In Seoul, Sun tries to take her brother’s place in a meeting to close a deal.

The client is rude. Cracks a joke about women making Sun tense as her brother shows up asking her to bring them coffee.Caught off guard she sees Angelica.

Back in London, Nyx talks about a chemical called DMT. People see their birth/death, worlds beyond this one, when they take it. He calls it limbic resonance.

In India, Kala is getting ready to go to work at her fiance’s pharmaceutical company. She hears rain, and looks for an umbrella. Only there is no rain.Her father thinks she should stay home. He is overjoyed she is getting married, and sad at the same time.

We’re at a funeral in Moscow in the pouring RAIN. (Make the connection?) Wolfgang has a migraine. His cousin is talking about a score like it’s a competition. Who is a better thief? His friend Felix is with him.

We meet Cepheus in Africa. He’s taking care of his mother. We eventually learn she has AIDS.

He tells her, “It’s going to be a good day.”

Suddenly, we are thrown into a very sexual scene between Nomi and Amanita. They talk about, “Happy Pride.”

Meanwhile, in Mexico City Lito is practicing. He’s getting “ready” for his love scene. A nun comes in his trailer, and notices he’s “happy.” She wants to help..

He tells her his heart belongs to someone else.

At the funeral, Wolfgang’s Aunt and Uncle tells him to pay respects to his father while he is at the cemetery. We learn he has some daddy issues, and must not have liked his father much…

Cepheus and Jela are struggling trying to find customers… A man boards the bus paying with a chicken.

A chicken that lands on Sun’s desk. She thinks she can see and hear it. Only it’s not there.The bank calls again, she avoids the call.

Riley comes down from her apartment. Nyx, Nocker, and Jacks are talking. They want to go to Nyx’s apartment because he’s invited them. Riley doesn’t want to go. She has a headache. She says tomorrow.

Jacks promises Nyx has the stuff she “needs.”

She flashes to where Nomi and Amanita are in San Francisco celebrating PRIDE day. Nomi and Amanita are eating, and talking about their first LGBT pride. Nomi loved her sticking up for her. It was the day she knew “she would always love her.”

In India, Kala is praying to Ganesha about her upcoming wedding, and “trying to become a better person.” She doesn’t want to marry Rajan even though her parents are excited, and the astrologer said he be the “perfect hubby.” She doesn’t love him.

Wolfgang and Felix are talking about S &D safe, and Wolfgang’s obsession to crack them. His father couldn’t. They are in Felix’s shop. They have a heist coming up.

Nomi and “Neets” are at the charity event. Nomi talks to producers– the piece is a “downer.” They want to bring PRIDE back to its roots. The showing is sad.During the theatrical show, Nomi sees Angelica.

Will and his partner, Diego, talk about his vision.

Will tells him, “I could feel the wind from the broken window, and smell the burnt mattress.”

His partner pretty much reacts in the way I would. “Whatever, “Dr./Officer Strange.”

Will and Diego are called out. They have a talk in their vehicle about “Gangbangers” and cops, and relate them to how cats hate dogs.

Diego tells him he should hate them after, “what they did to his old man.”

Wolfgang  and Felix successfully breach security. He starts cracking the S&D safe, but becomes tense when he hears sirens. (He is hearing Will’s sirens.)

Flash to Riley comfortable in a chair listening to music. She hears the noise from cracking the safe and sirens, but after going to the window doesn’t see any flashing lights. Or cop cars. (She is hearing both Will and Wolfgang.)

Will is under fire. He finds a young gang member, and decides to help him. DeShaun decides not to shoot him. He carries him out of the building. Against counsel of his partner.

Wolfgang decides to watch television. He is too tense and needs a break. Felix warns him he has less than an hour before his cousin arrives. He watches an European version of The Voice.

Will tries to comfort DeShaun. He talks about his dad being a cop, and the things he did when he was young.

Flashback to a rebellious young Will giving his father a hard time.

Wolfgang talks about the singer he wants to win.

Alfie calls her a “camel” stating she won’t win, and she doesn’t.

Flashback to Wolfgang as a child nervous, and on stage. Teacher prompting him to sing with his father standing in the back of the crowd laughing.

The contestant he roots for loses. His disappointment shows, yet he is focused.

Will arrives at the hospital with DeShaun his arms pleading for help. The nurse turns him away stating they don’t take gun shot wounds anymore because of kids like him. She gives in assessing the grave nature of the wound.

Wolfgang runs out of time as his cousin, Steiner, closes in. Felix is anxious. He cracks the “uncrackable” safe, and leaves with the diamonds.

The nurse updates Will and Diego on DeShaun’s surgery. He made it through surgery.

“But if he lives and kills a cop, how will he feel?”

Riley is with Nocker, Jacks, and Nyx– They are doing DMT. She is listening to music.

The Antlers- Kettering is playing The Antlers- Kettering

The guys are talking one minute, and the next they are stoned out of their gourd.

Except Nyx, he talks to Riley. Tells her she doesn’t need to be scared.

He tells her she’s not only beautiful on the outside– on the inside too. How he doesn’t think she belongs with these men, and she knows it.

“I used to be like you like the exposed root of a broken tooth. Used everything I could to isolate it. Books, music, booze, pills.. Anything I could to keep separate from the rest of the world. Eventually I felt protected and safe. But I felt completely alone.  Until one day my friend gave me a gift it tore down my armor.. it reminded me what it felt like to be alive.”

His friend gave him DMT.  She tries it.

She sees Will and Diego like she is right there with them. Will sinks back into the car like he can feel her at his window.

Riley is walking into a cave.

Will says, “Stop the car!”

Riley there with him says, “This is where it happened. Where she killed herself.”

Will realizes it wasn’t only a dream. The place familiar to him because he’s been there before. The drugs, the mattress, and says ” there was a gun.”

Diego leaves unconvinced of anything substantial. He tells Will if he can find evidence a crime was committed then they can  start looking into what happened there.

Will hangs behind feeling the mattress.

Riley appears saying, “She died here. I saw her.”

She tells him she lives in London, and doesn’t know where she is. She has never been to America.


Riley screams, “STOP!” (Flash Wills face)

Jacks tells her Nyx wanted her to come.

They are robbing him. A shipment of DMT came in. They knock him out. She tries to go, but Jacks keeps talking telling her it is her chance to go to America. It is their break they have been waiting for– their chance for a different life.

They all start shooting each other. She is covered in blood. END

Final Thoughts–

We see Angelica in the beginning giving birth. It implies she’s done it before. Makes you wonder if there are other “sensates,” and what happened to them?

Also, what is her history with Whiskers? Did she turn on Jonas to work with Whiskers in the past?

Was Whiskers a sensate? How is his psychic connection explained?

Does Wolfgang have a legitimate job. Or is he a thief? Felix has a shop. Does he work with him? Is it a cover?

In the beginning Will had a headache, but did you notice he wasn’t the only one?

What happened to Riley landing her in the drug trade?

Do they all have a headache because Angelica killed herself, and they are starting to have new abilities?

I like how the show brought culture into the story. Seeing how Africa is. Marriages in India. Kala feeling unworthy to pray. The acceptance of gays– even though I could have done without so much of the sex scenes.

What happened to Riley in the cave?

What happened to Will’s Dad on the job?

Who is the girl haunting Will’s dreams — who he couldn’t help/save?

Have you seen this episode? What are your thoughts?

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So I’m learning. Getting the hang of this blogging thing. I like it. I think I write too much though. I squeeze too much into one post. I think I need to post more. Maybe more often. But my problem is getting here. And interruptions like now… my son is in my grill talking to me. Anywayz, I like it here. I think I will stay. And post more, hopefully, I will get the hang of blogging and this dang laptop. I hate the touchpad, but I am too stubborn to get a mouse. I will learn how to use this dang thing if it kills me.

Also, I get frustrated because I have all these great thoughts in my head and all I really want to do is get them out and I forget them. Really they are beautiful.. they mean something to me.. I can really get them flowing, but before I can get here they are gone… I am so forgetful. No wonder writers are so tormented by their thoughts.