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Is He Calling You?


Is He Calling You?
© LC  2017

The Lake of Fire is
overwhelmed with tormented
souls. Reclaim yours-
Salvation is near.
Ask and receive what is promised.
God loves his creation–
You he adores.
He has plans for you.
What were you meant to do
for his glory?
What is your calling?
Always– he is with you.
Wherever the wind blows you.
He wants to be your Protector.
To see you home safely with him.
Heaven. Our eternal home.
Reunited at once.
With those we lost.
Happy forevermore.


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The Man Without A Soul


The Man Without A Soul.
© LC 2016

In his eyes lived a
man without a soul. He lost
the battle within.
The darkness swallowed him whole
his demons too strong for Love.
Trapped inside among
the dark shadows– waging war
he is but a shell. Waiting
for his redemption.

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Memories. © 2016 LC

My mind swims with 17 years of memories.
You were my best friend, my partner in crime.
Today in church, an empty pew, no wisecracks,
no long brown stringy hair– no matter how much you brushed it.
Though I wanted to cry, I didn’t and I was proud.
The first time I have been there since you left us.
My life seems so much less colorful with you gone.
When I visit your grave site all is the way you’d like it.
With pretty flowers all around, pretty pinks and blues.
I pulled the weeds– and maybe a growing flower on accident.
It looked like a weed!
I knew if you were watching you’d laugh.
Your laugh was contagious.
Nobody could be sad around you.
You always knew what to say,
and even said what you shouldn’t.
But that was just the way you were.
I loved you anyway. Always will.

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Forever in My Heart

Forever in my Heart. © 2016 LC

She sleeps in comfort of an oak box ,
six feet deep in the cold ground.
Surrounded by beautiful flowers and marble rocks.
Lines of giant maple trees stand watch around.
She walks with Jesus now–
This isn’t her home any longer.
Though she was hurting inside–
Now she is stronger.
Her life lived in vain.
Unhappiness an unwelcome guest.
Though now she stands in his glorious reign,
As every thought, regret, and sadness is taken off her chest.
The reunion with her newborn son,
the happiness she must feel.
As they stand in the shining sun,
Of the proof– this is what she believed in. Heaven.  It’s real.
Though I visit her grave ,
I know her soul is home well at rest.
Though grief may enslave,
The chains I must let go and fight the unrest.
I will keep you forever in my heart,
Until I see you again.
That way we will never part,
As you will always be my best friend.

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Puzzle Pieces


“Puzzle Pieces.”
© 2016 LC

We are all puzzle
pieces. Intricately made–
by the hands of the
Creator. By design, he
knows where each piece belongs.




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Mornings with Nan, Prose


Mornings with Nan, Prose.
© 2016 LC

Reading your Bible by the dimmest light, your hair falling down into little strands. Awake before anyone else. Having trouble sleeping, your legs aching and writhing– keeping you awake. So you would have toast with jam and coffee, I’d smell the fresh brew from the basement. Then, roll over and go back to sleep with a smile. Sometimes I’d awake to the smell of burnt toast. You’d watch the windows in the morning for red birds. They were your favorite. Or blue birds. You loved animals and enjoyed God’s creation. After awhile, you’d sweetly call me for breakfast with your West-Virginian twang. “Lynne, breakfast is ready,” you’d say! As I trudged up the stairs, you’d be standing at the top in your long flowery night-gown with flannel PJ bottoms. Your crystal blue eyes glistening in the morning sun light as you’d tell me, “Good morning.” Oh, how I miss those mornings with you, Nan!