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LC ©2017

She will make you feel
inadequate like you don’t
belong. Looking down–
watching and waiting
for another beautiful
quirk to show itself.
Perfection doesn’t
make mistakes.  Or have your flaws.
She is your better.
Or maybe you are
the issue like “he” has said.
Because that’s not her.

{I’m the idiot
then for how she makes me feel.
I can control it.}

My sister-in-law often has the power to make me feel this way. My husband says she isn’t like that, but I think woman have a special intuition about other woman. I think men are clueless in our ways.

*Revised to fix flow of poem and word choice.


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Mistress of Disaster


Mistress of Disaster.
© 2017 LC

We are the masters
of our own disasters–
so I am to blame.

I walk on eggshells.
When you are angry. Shh.
Again. It’s my fault.

I lay in the dark
hoping it swallows me whole.
Than have to face you.

I wonder what I
have done to make myself
so unlovable.

One day I will be
stronger. My soul will whisper–
“It’s time to move on.”

© 2017 LC


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I hate arguments.
The way I’m always wrong.
How you raise your voice.
Incessant swearing.
I do everything.
I am Super-“You-Name-It.”
You say it’s My “Job” —
because you work “all day.”
So you are a slob?
You have no respect.
I am human. I get tired.
Wouldn’t you? Trade me.
The kids. My mom. Bills.
School. Laundry. The house. Tired yet?
You wouldn’t last here.
We are so different.
I love my family. You don’t.
You hate visiting.
You are on your cell —
if you go. But that is you.
“Winding-down” is it?
I love spending time
with my kids. You become bored.
Shhh! You fell asleep!
Eleven years now.
We don’t cuddle, hug, kiss– touch.
Sleep in the same room–
And you try– now. You
want to make it work. Like  the
times before– But it
never lasts. We are
damaged from the inside. Your
words.. they hurt. Broken.
How do you not see?

© LC 2017

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Don’t Change


People cannot change.
We  try controlling
our own destiny.
But when fate comes knocking–
She plays tricks on relationships.
‘Causes collateral damage.
People try morphing
into who they aren’t meant to be
to placate others
for happiness and harmony.
It lasts for a while
until it fades away–
because people do not change.
Do they?

©2017 LC

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Love is War

Love is War.
LC ©2016

Love is war–
words that sting.
And fights damage,
your heart and soul.
It is like surgery–
gathering torn shreds
of broken shrapnel.
Fixing the mess
lying before you.
As the blood seeps,
through gory fingers.
Refusing to skip
a beat– BOOM-BOOM!
Yes, you will love, again.

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A Caged Bird


A Caged Bird.
LC © 2016

Do not marry him–
for he will crush your spirit,
and break your soul’s wings.
A colorful bird in a
cage with no song left to sing.
And no wings to soar.
You were made for better things.
Go! They wait for you.

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Move Along


Move Along.
© LC 2016

Hey, you should be HERE.
Instead you pissed us away-
For the drugs and beer.

Your “son” is a teen–
I grow prouder every day.
This wasn’t your dream–

It was mine.
To think you signed your rights away
on the dotted line.

To mess with his head–
after four years is low.
To him you are “dead.”

You messed it up years ago,
it was NOT me. Paper trails don’t lie–
And I am glad he knows.

You cannot expect honesty–
from an addict I’ve learned.
Your stories change constantly.

Yet here we are again–
living in the past. We’ve moved on.
You have nothing to gain.

Move on. Stay away!
The best thing you ever did–
was walking away…