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Hello Summer!


We love summer! Summer vacation is fantabulous! Making the most out of every minute.

Going to bed later. Taking walks. Playing ball. Playing games. Watching the sky light up with heat lightning. Playing in the rain. Baking pie.

Running from cicadas…

So far we have visited the library three times. I want Kayla excited to read, and she isn’t. They have a fun summer reading program awarding children prizes for each level they reach.

When she heard prizes, she was in. Each level has two hours of reading time split into twenty-minute intervals. Six levels total. At the end of each level, the child receives a prize.

She receives a prize, likes to read again, and her reading level creeps back up.  Win.

Her reading level dropped a little at the end of the year from not reading. In the middle of last year, she could read on a fifth grade level, which meant she could read bigger books if she wanted. It was easy finding bigger books she was interested in since she wasn’t reading the smaller ones. The problem became getting her to read them, and then she grew anxious with finishing them on time.

When I spoke with her teacher about Kayla’s reading, she said she wasn’t going to push her into reading because she knew she was anxious. She didn’t want to upset her. My daughter loved her second grade teacher. I believe her encouragement and support would have made a huge difference in her reading habits. Instead Kayla gave up and didn’t read for the last two months because she didn’t care about their reading goals.

I am hoping our trips to the library will make reading fun for her again, and help ease the anxiety she feels. Help make her brave enough to want to read those bigger books. She has such a colorful imagination she could cultivate with reading.

She watches British Castles with me on Netflix. I didn’t think it would interest her so much, however, she likes watching the history behind each castle. She likes getting ideas for Minecraft. 

I don’t understand what the kids are doing on the game by watching, but I know it takes loads of imagination— apparently, more than I have! (You can make amazing things!)

Aside from the library and being active, we have blasted appointments out-of-the-way so we can enjoy ourselves. We investivated the need for braces Friday. Unfortunately, Kayla needs them, and we heard about it for the whole day.

“But I need braces!” Was her lament for everything.

Monday summer vacation became “officially official” when we didn’t have to wake up for school, however, we had appointments the last couple days.

Today we slept in!

Stand-by— I will manage to have some-sort of summer schedule. Just not sure what it will look like at this point in the game. It might be a bit erratic at times, but I will be here!

Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday,


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Day 14: Writing Challenge

Day 14: Writing Challenge– Favorite Movies I Never Tire of Watching.

ONE- Star Wars











It is epic! The darkness vs. the light. Family drama. I have that! Just not in such epic proportions.

Action- “Weapons don’t win battles. Your mind powerful it is” — Yoda.  Mixed in some love, drama, and comedy. Good stuff!

Our family looks forward to the upcoming movies! I didn’t think George Lucas would ever sell his movie rights! Wow!

TWO- Harry Potter










We love Harry Potter!

The famous orphan with ties to Voldemort. Always standing up for what he believes in. Protecting his friends who easily became his family. Defending Hogwarts until the very end. Fighting evil monsters and wizards. Sacrificing himself to end Voldemort’s reign of destruction.

The Cursed Child — the eight book in the series– comes out July 31st. I wondered if J.K. Rowling could leave the world of Harry Potter. She made a lot of money! Looks like she couldn’t! This story is about grown-up Harry, and his children.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premieres November 18th. Prequel to Harry Potter.

THREE- The World of Marvel–








Avengers. Captain America. Thor! We watch each movie in their series by how they happen in the “Marvel timeline.”

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where Superheros existed? It would solve some of the world’s greatest problems. Okay– their existence might not help solve everything. But they could help kick some of the bad guys booties!

Personally, Thor is my favorite. Aloof to our world, he’s funny. The others are special in their own ways, but he is strong. Because of his freakish super-strength, he can smash things with his hammer. Mjolnir!

He is fighting with his hands. Making it look easy. I admit it is appealing watching a man work with his hands. Especially when he looks like Thor.

If they make him a woman like in the comics, I will be upset. It will be an injustice to the God of Thunder.

FOUR- The Hunger Games Trilogy–











Awesome books! So much can be lost in translation when made into a movie (like the Divergent Series); however, these movies are great!

Katniss Everdeen takes on the evil Governor Snow in a personal vendetta beginning in the Hunger Games. Action. Love. Friendship. Drama. It makes you all twisty inside.

Governor Snow justifies killing children by taking pleasure in creating “the games.” Until brave Katniss Everdeen comes along! Refusing to be another pawn in the game. Screwing up his system.

If I were Katniss, I would have trouble picking between Gail and Peeta, also. Just sayin.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone so I won’t divulge too much. I hate movies that make you teary-eyed, but these still have a place on my list. I would love to see what happens after the dust settles. Is it peaceful? Or does Katniss have to worry about her own children?


FIVE- Walk the Line–











Based on a true story. Johnny and June Cash. Great love story.

I happened to stumble across this movie by accident. I wasn’t interested in Johnny Cash. Ironically, it became one of my favorite movies.

It was interesting to watch his struggles, and how he overcame them. Inspirational how he turned his life around.

I discovered his music, and I love it.

“God gave us a great big apple, see, and He said don’t touch it. He didn’t say touch it once in a while; He didn’t say take a nibble when you’re hungry; He said don’t touch it! Don’t think about touchin’it, don’t sing about touchin’ it, don’t *think* about singin’ about touchin’ it” Jerry Lee Lewis

There it is– my top five!  If I did ten, I’d be here all day! What would make your top five? So many great movies out there to choose from.



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A Quote From The Great Pearl of Wisdom.

“I am sorry, I am not a writer. I simply put my thoughts on paper. Those helped by them call them a book and me a writer. Those who are not helped call it rubbish and me a fool. Both have reason.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

I like this because I can relate. Some days, it is hard to put your thoughts out there because of fear of judgement. I believe you have to find the courage within yourself to write anyway. Even if it means not labeling yourself a “writer,” because there will always be those who disagree with the message you are trying to convey. Think of the people you are helping instead, and be yourself.

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It’s summer! My children are out of school, and along with that presents some challenges with finding time to write.

I thought I started into a good routine ending my last class. Felt positive going forward. Then, it seemed everything hit the fan again here at home.

I can’t seem to stay interested in my writing class. I think it’s half my trouble. My last instructor was so encouraging, and inspiring.

The one I have now she’s nice and does encourage; however, at times, she seems to give everyone the same generic response. Blah, blah, blah.

Every time I sit down to the computer with the intention to write, I find myself becoming lost in social media. Or finding chores I need to do. I will sign in to my class, ho-hum around to see what is going on, lack of interest sets in, and I’m gone.

I’m restless…

I turn on the radio, and cannot find a song to satisfy me. I’ll constantly switch channels on Pandora. I sit down without knowing what I want to do, really. Watch a movie?  Nah!

Get back up, clean, de-clutter, and do some laundry. I have books on my kindle. I start reading them to quickly become uninterested in the plot for whatever reason. Has anyone read anything good?

Eventually, I suppose I will write something good. I fell too far behind in my one course to catch up. I will take it again at some point. It’s with my instructor I’ve taken a few courses with, and provides encouragement/feedback. She will understand.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming writing classes. I hope my writing instructors are as good as this one. I’ve learned so much from her!

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Game of Thrones- Big Controversy.

If you are an avid Game of Thrones watcher– like I am– you look forward to Sunday nights. Game of Thrones isn’t for a person with a weak stomach. A gory show with a lot of blood like the title suggests, everyone wants in ruling over the “Iron Throne.” The show follows the books loosely as most television shows do. Last week the episode sparked outrage from fans causing controversy via social media. Vowing not to watch after the debacle with fan favorite Sansa Stark.

In last week’s episode, Sansa finally married the villainous Ramsay. The show ended with a rape scene, and Ramsay making Reek/Theon watch. Nothing redeemable about Ramsay’s character, he is pure EVIL!

A couple of things we to remember here–

1. Ramsay WILL pay for what he has done. This is Game of Thrones!

2. How do we know this scene did not help Reek remember he is Theon? This could help his transformation back to his former self.

3. In arranged marriages during this time period this wasn’t unheard of. Having someone else watch, we don’t know. The act IS perverse, cruel BUT not out of the ordinary for the time the writer imagined it.

The episode is titled: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. That should clue us in on a key factor– Sansa will be fine. Despite going through this terrible thing no woman should ever have to endure, she will have her lands in the north back if she trusts Littlefinger. Littlefinger loved her mother so maybe his word means something.

This is not the worst to ever happen on Game of Thrones–

Do people forget Dani was raped by Draco who she came to love? Or the incest between Cersi and her brother Jamie resulting in children, and their on/off again love affair? Their tryst that caused Bran’s disability as Jamie pushed him from the Tower in Winterfell. Viserys, Dani’s brother, receiving a crown of hot melted Gold on his head. Ned being beheaded. Dani losing her baby, and her husband. How about the witch Melisandra, and what she gave birth to? “The Red Wedding,” where the Starks were betrayed and murdered? How Joffrey treated Sansa? Or more recently what happened to Reek? He lost his manhood? And that was okay?

The point being Game of Thrones is NOT for the faint of heart. Bad things happen. George R.R. Martin, in my opinion, wrote some great books. Long BUT great. We should not expect the television show to stick to all aspects of the books. Personally, I think it would make for a dull show. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Think about it–would you stop reading a book just because it had a rape scene in it? I wouldn’t. I would want to see what happened next. Did the heroine get her justice? How is this any different? The only way it is different– is it played out on television.

Saying you are going to quit a show over a scene not even shown in full detail is stupid. Sure you can make inferences as to what happened, but it’s dumb. Furthermore, Sophie Turner says she enjoyed making the scene so…

As for me, I am a woman, a mom, a wife, and a writer. I don’t particularly like or enjoy rape scenes myself. But when they are used to advance the plot as a part of the story, I want to know what happens next. I don’t have to watch that part. FYI– I looked away. It’s doable.

“People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it’s served up.”
George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings