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Wasted Energy


Wasted Energy.
LC. © 2017

Depression is a
dark cloud over my head, lurking.
Like I created
my own personal
monsoon. If only I had
energy to blast
the rain from capturing my
soul- a rainbow would
appear in the sky.

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Love this Word! Is it You?

Found a new word! Had to share! Is it you?

I can be mentally distant when lost in thought. Totally absent-minded, at times. My mind going in a thousand different directions at once!

Comes with the territory, I suppose!


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My Essential Teen Song List from the 90’s.

Inspired by my son– Here is my Top 15 songs I sat in my room listening to back in the 90’s when a boy had my feelings all mixed up!

  1. Sheryl Crow- If It Makes You Happy
  2. Hootie and The Blowfish- Let Her Cry
  3. Matchbox 20- Push
  4. Jewel- Foolish Games
  5. Aerosmith- Cryin
  6. Natalie Imbruglia- Torn
  7. Boys 2 Men- End of the Road
  8. Guns and Roses- Patience
  9. Bon Jovi- Always
  10. U2- With or Without You
  11. Divine- Lately
  12. Allure- Cried Out
  13. No Doubt- Don’t Speak
  14. Goo Goo Dolls- Iris
  15. Deborah Cox- We Can’t Be Friends
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Hymn for The Missing.

Came across this tune today  that ironically came on as I wrote my poem about my grandma. It is a sad one about missing someone who has passed away.

Give it a listen and see if you like it.

Hymn for the Missing

I believe you have to be in the right mood to listen to certain kinds of music and certain songs. So if you do like this song add it to you could add it to your list of songs you listen to when you are missing someone.

What do you think? Did you like it?


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St. Patrick’s Day Playlist- 12 songs!

U2-With or Without You

The Cranberries-Linger

Snow Patrol-Run

The Dublineers-Seven Drunken Nights

Blaggards-Big Strong Man (Live)

Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Flogging Molly-Float

The Script-If Only You Could See Me Now

Hozier-Work Song

The Cranberries-Dreams

The Corrs- When The Stars Go Blue

U2-Sweetest Thing


How about you? Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? What are you listening to?