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Be the Light

Still think this applies today… Be the light! Lynne 😉

Caffeinated Lynne. A Poet with A Pen.

Be the Light. © 2016 LC

The world if fueled by
Hate and Fear creates a place
where Hope dies, slowly.
Kindness. Love. Friendship and Peace–
we can be what the world needs.
A place where Love grows–
Like a light in the darkness.

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Yara– Game of Thrones


© LC 2017

His ships you stole yet
you are surprised your end comes
by his sword. As you
cry because you lost.
Not just alliances in war–
your baby brother.
Maybe you did care.

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One Race


One Race. LC. © 2016

Unrest runs the streets–
we are divided against
each other. But why?
I’m like you. We bleed the same.
This is our home. Where the Hate is rising with Fear.
Like dominoes we will fall–
if we do not recognize
we are one raceHuman.

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Small Towns


Small Towns
® 2016 LC

Living in a small town
you will come to know
the names of those who run around
with every Tom, Dick, and Harry– to “Mr. Married Joe Shmoe.”
Living here things never change.
The gossip always seems to flow.
And you can always seem to get by–
with just who it is you know.
The High School Home Coming Queen,
still thinks she has it goin on.
Even though that was 15 years ago.
Pity she never grew up to see the light of dawn.
The high school jock–
Yeah, he is still a jerk.
He frequents the local bar–
every night after work.

Things never change here,
even though the people sometimes do.
And it’s hard to tell what you’d see or hear,
If you would come passing through.

We have robberies at our little store now,
and crack dealers living close-by.
It’s not safe for kids to play outside.
Children are overdosing on heroin with their parents left behind.

Neighbors are putting up privacy fences.
No one is friendly anymore.
When I was small we got together for BBQs,
But it’s not like it was before.

Living in a small town,
everyone knows your name.
Everyone knows your business.
Going places.. is the same.

Photo Credit- Suburban Men

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Don’t Panic

Some lyrics stick in your head no matter what you do!


Bones sinking like stones
All that we’ve fought for
Homes, places we’ve grown
All of us are done for
We live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do
Yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world
Bones sinking like stones
All that we’ve fought for
Homes, places we’ve grown
All of us are done for
We live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do
Yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world
We live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do
Yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world
Oh all that I know
There’s nothing here to run from
Cause here
Everybody here’s got somebody to lean on
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Day 18: Writing Challenge

Day 18: Writing Challenge– 30 Facts About Yourself

Already overthinking this one as I am sure it is meant to be simple, and fun!

  1. I love to sing. Don’t look for me on the next American Idol. I am probably not that good. However, I like to think I am when I sing.
  2. I whistle when I am doing chores. Not because I think I am Snow White commanding birds, and forest animals. Even though that would be cool. It became a habit sticking with me after dad passed away. Reminding me of him, he whistled a lot.
  3. I like to clean. When I am stressed, it calms me. Weird I know, but I stress clean.
  4. I have a hard time sticking to a set schedule. I hate doing the same thing all the time. It’s nice to switch things up when life becomes monotonous.
  5. I was the first one to pass my driver’s test (out of my group of friends). The first one to parallel park that day. You wouldn’t know it later by looking at my first car. She was banged up a bit.
  6. I don’t drink. I don’t think it’s fun. It doesn’t make me feel good. It makes me sick, and I don’t like the taste. Blah!
  7. I am French on my father’s side. My ancestors came over on the boat. Fighting in wars. Made their home here. I took three years of French in school, and remember some of it. Now I am trying to teach my kids. We know how to count. How to say some phrases–like “Hello!” It is fun!
  8. I love to read. When I can find time. Anymore I rather read than watch a movie.
  9. Games and DVD’s are alphabetized. Makes them easier to find. I might be a little OCD about it. 
  10. I don’t care about being in style. I buy whatever I feel like buying, and throw it together. I have my own style. It is called, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”
  11. I am organized with some things. Other things, I am not. I put things in that magical “safe place.” I might find it later. Maybe not. My e-mail folder. Yikes– 1,200 messages.
  12. I hate cooking. I never learned how. Touching raw stuff freaks me out, then I am sanitizing all the counters, and the sinks. I know this isn’t normal. Ha!
  13. I love baking. Have been told I am an “awesome baker,” I inherited it from my Nanny. I can make a pretty mean pie. Cookies. Brownies. I am getting hungry now.. Nom Nom Nom.
  14. I am not a fan of fast food. Upset stomach. But I have never met a french fry I didn’t like.
  15. I don’t call other people bad words often. Hearing my husband do it annoys me. It isn’t I don’t think they are acting bad enough to be called those things, it just sounds harsh. If they are acting bad enough to annoy you in such a way, why bother with them? How can you solve the problem without letting it bother you on such a level?
  16. I like helping people. If I can, I will help others. I think we all can help each other somehow. Whether it’s a kind word. A smile. It’s the littlest things that make another person’s day.
  17. I am a good listener. I often try helping people with their problems, and offer advice. If they ask. I am not going to butt in. Unless it is family, and then I will butt in. My brothers can be total boneheads!
  18. I hate bulling. I think it is awful to watch children suffer at the hands of their classmates. Some schools are putting polices in place to thwart bullying while others stand by, and watch–  doing nothing.
  19. I love Psychology. Studied it in college. Fell in love.
  20. I hate musicals. But I love music.
  21. I am socially awkward. It is uncomfortable being around people you don’t know. However, once I know someone I find it easy to make people laugh.
  22. I would love to travel. My soul longs for places I have never visited.
  23. I love history. I find history interesting. Always have. I look around and wonder who was here before me, and what motivated their actions. I look at the roads, and wonder who walked them before me. I feel connected when learning about them.
  24. I have a hard time sitting still. Focus!
  25. I have allergies. My allergies have allergies. I am allergic to my dog. But I love him regardless. He is too cute not to love!
  26. I believe everything happens for a reason. Even if we may not know why.
  27. Best days of my life was when I became a mother, and got married.
  28. My husband and I met three times before we ever considered each other romantically. We met as children. His mother is friends with my sister so she brought him to our house with his sisters. I didn’t like him so I stole all his guys on Super Mario Bros. Again, when I dated his best friend in high school. I didn’t like him then either. Then, we randomly crossed paths after I had my son. Our first date didn’t happen for another two years. 
  29. I love quotes. If we want to become wise and learn anything, I believe we should consider the words of those before us. Those on the same paths.
  30. I have a disease no one can pronounce. I don’t let it hold me back. I don’t use it as a crutch. I take the bad with the good, and I live! I might have it, but it will never have me!

An hour later, I am done! That wasn’t so bad!

I tried NOT to state the obvious– I love poetry, coffee, and hate Mondays, as that can found from poking around the site. .


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My Son’s Band Concert

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to the high school and middle school band play. We gathered into a crowded auditorium for the Spring concert. Where hormones were raging, babies were crying, and parents watched the stage with a mix of joy, and anxious frustration.

My son is a percussionist. He plays the drums. I am not bragging, but I think he plays good.

Because he is impulsive and always has to be moving, (A.D.D.) he makes a great drummer. Though he did not win an award on our band trip last year, I thought he did an excellent job.

If we had different judges, he may have won. He said he may have missed one beat the entire time. Cut the kid a break. He was awesome! (A mother can be bias.)

His favorite thing to play is the trap set. What is a trap set you might wonder? It’s okay. I did, too. A trap set is the really big set of drums you have to sit down to play.

All the kids love to play them, and almost fight over them.

I am not a percussionist. I am clueless between them. The ones I know– cowbell and triangle. Bongos? I could rock those!


When we arrived one of the “PTA Yentas” had no idea we would be there. Her son also plays drums, and is a year below my son.

[Yenta-a woman who is a gossip or busybody.]

When I went to say hello before I could open my mouth I received–“Oh, you aren’t supposed to be here!?!”

“Huh? Well it’s nice to see you too!” I thought to myself. “And you were one of the nicer ones! Guess I was wrong!” 

She was super chatty with me last week helping with the book fair. Telling me about drum lessons, and the band trip.

Apparently, my son told her son we weren’t coming. Because of this confusion, her son would cover his parts. Thus, playing the trap set.

She hoped he would share his music. Because her son didn’t have any? That left me clueless.

One– Why wouldn’t they have enough music? Two–  Why wouldn’t he share? Three– Why cranky with me?? Geez.

In our band, they have “section leaders” telling them what to do. Who plays what. It isn’t a fair deal with who plays what part, and the band director doesn’t get involved. He lets them handle it.

The children in the band the longest have seniority. They know more. So they have less sucky parts.

They don’t cowbell as often. Triangle. Or Tambourine.


I know it’s not fair being the small guy. No one likes it. Everyone should have a turn.

It is kinda the same way in sports. The suckier players don’t get to play. They are benched. It isn’t fair either.

At least in band they get to do something, I guess?

My kid was that sucky kid playing baseball. He didn’t make the cut. He liked it, but wasn’t good at it. He knows how it feels to be the lowest on the totem pole.

So, he helps the younger kids in his section. He doesn’t mind. He helped her son when they were going on the band trip, as he considers him one of his friends.

Maybe the reason she was so nice to me last week is because she wanted to know why we didn’t go on the band trip. People do that. Pretend to be nice so they can gather information.

“We missed him! We could have used him!” She crooned.

Well, he was supposed to go on a band trip this year. He didn’t go. Why didn’t he go? Oh, because he has his head too far up his ass. I don’t know what his problem is this year.

No, I didn’t use those exact words, but I was honest. His slipping grades. Video games. Teenager stuff. Because we are dealing with real problems here. My son will overcome them, and be better for it.

So- no, he didn’t earn the trip this year. 

Instead, he helped her son learn the parts to go. When it was the weekend for the band to go on the trip, he sulked. He disrespected his father, and ended up grounded.

I didn’t tell her everything. The grounded part. Because I didn’t feel like I had to tell her everything.

I am sure they are talking anyway. I wore my dad’s jean jacket to school that morning. I am sure it was a fashion faux pas. Care, I do not.

I tried not to let her attitude stick with me during the concert. It was an excellent show! My daughter moving in her seat. I couldn’t keep still myself.

My son playing the trap set made me proud. I could tell when he messed up a couple of times playing other percussion parts by the look on his face. Even though it wasn’t apparent in the song.

He made it obvious to me putting his hand over his face, and whispering about it. Then, laughing. A mother knows her son.


It was a long show with both middle and high school band, but I prefer it when they present their concert together. Sometimes they do chorus with the band. I would rather hear the band together.

It makes more sense to me. Band with the band. Rocking out.

Young talented musicians. On the rise. Full of hope. It reminded me of my time in high school.

Not that I was a talented musician, but I was full of hope…

I felt like the walls confined me, and I couldn’t wait to bust out. Couldn’t wait to make my mark.

I hope they succeed with whatever their plans are after high school, and never give up. Life may become rough sometimes, but it’s how we learn and grow into who we are. Who we are meant to be.

My favorite songs they performed– “The Voodoo Dance” by Elliott Del Borgo with my son on the trap set, “Uma Thurman” Arranged by Michael Brown, and “Star Wars the Force Awakens” by John Williams.

By the end of the night, any weird feelings I had from earlier were gone. Her feelings are her problem. What my kid says and what we do are two separate things. We were going, and he had no say. I wanted to hear him play, and see what he did all year in band.

My husband hates going to school functions. He becomes frustrated with people, and how they act. He appears grumpy. Even if he actually isn’t. Because he is on edge.

He deals with rude people during the day. I guess he expects them, and has a low-tolerance for them. I ask him why he can’t appear professional? I have a different outlook.

I can understand how he feels. The way people act can discourage a person from attending a school function. Raise your anxiety level. Second guess being there. If you are “worthy enough” to attend.

The “yentas” have made me NOT want to help with school functions despite trying. Like whatever you do isn’t good enough. Like you don’t belong there.

I know I felt that way!

In the end, I had just as much of a reason to be there as she did. People don’t realize how much their words can sting another person, and often they don’t care. They don’t know YOU or YOUR story. They ASSume. It is sad.

I walked out of there prouder than ever of my boy.

He may be struggling a little now, but it won’t always be so. It all just needs to click, and once it does he will realize he had what it takes all along. He will quit doubting himself.

He will realize what I know to be true. That he has the intelligence and potential to be something great. He is the only one who is holding himself back.

He doesn’t realize how important he is.

How the world needs someone like him, and until he realizes it he won’t shine. He will blend in like the others. Do as they do. Walk like they walk. Speak as they do.

He will continue to bedazzle me with his drumming skills. Until one day I am watching teary-eyed as he is on stage as a senior– at the trap set. With hopes and dreams to make the world a better place because somewhere along the line it happened to click…

I am just praying it clicks sometime soon.