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Unwanted Guest


Unwanted Guest.
© 2017 LC

You laugh. Sing off-key.
Dancing. He sneakily creeps
onto your wet feet.
You don’t know how long
he’s there. But your foot itches.
The water streams down
your back. You are so relaxed.
Until you see HIM!
On your TOE! SPIDER! 

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A Passing Storm


A Passing Storm
LC. © 2017

Dark clouds rolling by–
trees exchange greetings in the
breeze. The storm passes.

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June’s Arrival

June’s Arrival.  LC. 2016 ©

Beads of sweat cascade
like a waterfall from my
forehead. Bees buzz!
Foreign invaders sing songs.
Airplanes make tracks in the sky.
Sweet children laughing.
Summer has arrived–
no more school!


This month’s poem. Hope you enjoyed it!

I missed May! Oops!


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2016 © LC

New life emerges,
free of their old skin– once more.
Singing songs of life.
Flying! An infestation!
Creepy creatures from the ground!




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© LC 2016

I love the summer.
But I cannot stand the heat.
O, Humidity!
The Sun is smiling.
My Allergies are laughing,
as I sneeze, again.
The birds are singing.
The sky is filled with promise.
Maybe it will rain.


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Mornings with Nan, Prose


Mornings with Nan, Prose.
© 2016 LC

Reading your Bible by the dimmest light, your hair falling down into little strands. Awake before anyone else. Having trouble sleeping, your legs aching and writhing– keeping you awake. So you would have toast with jam and coffee, I’d smell the fresh brew from the basement. Then, roll over and go back to sleep with a smile. Sometimes I’d awake to the smell of burnt toast. You’d watch the windows in the morning for red birds. They were your favorite. Or blue birds. You loved animals and enjoyed God’s creation. After awhile, you’d sweetly call me for breakfast with your West-Virginian twang. “Lynne, breakfast is ready,” you’d say! As I trudged up the stairs, you’d be standing at the top in your long flowery night-gown with flannel PJ bottoms. Your crystal blue eyes glistening in the morning sun light as you’d tell me, “Good morning.” Oh, how I miss those mornings with you, Nan!

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Love Affair


Love Affair.
©2016 LC

It is said when the rain
causes the clouds to streak tears
the sky is missing
his lover. Her radiance
warms his darkest days with joy.

Playing at creating my own myth.

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