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Case of the Missing Lover.


“Case of the Missing Lover.”
© 2018 LC

Said she was crazy,
wondering the streets like a
nomad. Lost. Alone.
Self-inflicted pain.
Did Alice wonder down a
dark path? Or has she

Writer’s Digest Poetry Month Prompt Case ( ___)

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Saturday Afternoons

Saturday Afternoons.
©LC 2016

Cursing profusely–
the job is complete. Working
on cars. Grumpy Men.

Inspired by my husband working on his car on Saturdays. He is working on a transmission swap. I couldn’t do what he does, but somehow he knows where everything goes.

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My Aspiring Poet

Teaching my eight year-old daughter about poetry this afternoon. She loves reading mine. She cheers me on.

Today I am cheering her on!

With her amazing imagination and her attitude, she could write anything she wants. Her plays are awesome!

Hopefully, she writes more poetry.


She couldn’t wait for me to post her poem, and hopes you all like it!


*second word of first line is goombas, last word of second line is devious

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Faster and Higher

Faster and Higher.

©LC 2016

Her butt does “push-ups.”

When she swings. Her favorite

thing to do. Outside.


This poem is inspired by my daughter. This is how she says she feels when she swings. Made me chuckle. Hope maybe you did too!


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You Matter

You Matter!

© LC 2016

Wake up!

Fight for your life!

While you still have time–

to make it right.

Stand up!

Don’t let life pass you by!

Life is full of possibilities–

You are young! Reach for the sky!

You can make a difference– if only you try.

You matter!

You don’t want a heaping world of regret instead.

Go where your heart leads. Do something with your life!

Use the brains in your head.

This poem is inspired by my son. He is going through some teenager issues, and they are weighing on my heart a lot this week. I thought if I could say anything to him what would it be? After I read it, I thought– “I could have applied this to my teenage years!”

Hope you enjoyed it!





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Clouded Perception

Clouded Perception.

© LC 2016

Underneath that smile

Is the little boy I once knew.

Now he is too big for his britches!

Once so happy and carefree–

Fast as a weed he grew!

Playing matchbox cars in ditches.

Lost in the world of gaming,

as if nothing matters to you.

Your dreams—waning.

You flirt with Deception.

The lies cloud your view.

Dreaming of easy riches.

What happened to the boy I once knew?

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

Potential wasted. You believing your own lies!

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The Love of A Friend.

The Love of A Friend.

©2016 LC

I close my eyes,

and picture your face.

and I don’t want to realize–

where you’ve gone, you can’t be found.

you are defying time and space.


To be selfish, I’d travel anyplace.

To bring you back, I’d defy logistics and  gravity.

Time cannot heal. Sweet memories.

Of when you were around.

You were more than a friend, you were family.


The pain won’t leave. It lingers still.

I loved you then and now, and I always will.






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© LC 2016

when the sky weeps
tears being to fall
The downfall
the sky begins to breathe
giving nourishment
to the birds and the trees
quiet now
you can hear the cries
of the sadness
up in the skies.