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Mondays are not “Fun” days…

Not feeling it today… Grabbin’ some Coffee and try again…

Have a great Monday!


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From My Cup to Yours..

Happy Monday!


Enjoying your coffee! Or tea?

May the most-dreaded, never-ending day of our week perish quickly and on a good-note!

To a productive day!

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Monday Mix-Up

My playlist for today–

ONE- The Ramones– I Wanna Be Sedated

TWO- The Cranberries- Zombie

THREE- Beastie Boys- Sabatoge

FOUR- Mumford and Sons- Wagon Wheel (Cover)

FIVE-  Anna Nalick- Breathe (2 am)

SIX- The Raconteurs- Steady as She Goes

SEVEN- Imagine Dragons- Not Today

EIGHT-Brett Dennen Ain’t No Reason

NINE- Coldplay- In My Place

TEN- Daughtry- Waiting for Superman

ELEVEN- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home

TWELVE- Guster- One Man Wrecking Machine

THIRTEEN- Gym Class Heroes- Stereo Hearts

FOURTEEN- Ingrid Michaelson- Girls Chase Boys

FIFTEEN- Gnarls Barkley- Crazy

*Updated a couple links worked on my end. Then, after posting didn’t. Fixed!


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Let’s Do This, Monday

Coffee.. Coffee. and more Coffee! Ready to write.

I think.

My husband kept me up last night with his incessant snoring. I am certain the whole house came alive with the very sound of it. With the heavy drone of it in my ear, the chance for sleep was nil.

The birds sang their sweet songs. I knew with the light dawning through the window the alarm would be sounding. Frustrated I turned it off. Instead of snoozing– because that is the “normal” me.

Not today. Groans erupted when alarms upstairs sounded. Sleepy children craved more rest.

“Do I have to get up? Just a few minutes longer!” They whined.

But eventually everyone in this house fell into formation. Their dad started preparing for work. We started making breakfast.

Let’s do this, Monday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



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Coffee Needed– It’s Monday!


I don’t think any of us are ready to say goodbye to the weekend. Given the choice I think we would have rolled over in bed ignoring the alarm, and slept more. I would!

Instead I hit snooze.. Flirting with the idea of sleep. Until the promise of coffee lured me to arise to greet another morning.

Another day of responsibilities, but with enough coffee anything is possible!

Last month, I slipped into this “groove” in the mornings. I wanted to have everything done once the children were at school so I could do what needed done, and write.

However on Mondays– there is about a half a chance for procrastination!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!



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Day of the Week-Prompt


Stew was running late for work! “7 AM! I didn’t hear the alarm go off!” Stew griped. Reluctant to leave his fortress of warm blankets, he retracted the black covers making a bee-line for the bathroom. On the way tripping over clothing, books, electronics, unused sports equipment, as his studio-apartment was a maze only he could navigate.

He could hear his mother in the back of his mind, “You will never land your future wife living in that mess of an apartment. Are you going to bring your date back to a mess like that? You will scare her away! You need to clean it up, Stew. A man your age should be married. You have a career. You need someone to share it all with.”

Tossing yesterday’s take-out in the trash on the way, he made a mental note to take his mother’s advice. Maybe he would start cleaning the place up a bit. The place needed some color. Some good vibes. But not today.

Sleepily, he hurried to throw cold water on his face. “No time to shower.” He thought sarcastically. Staring back at his somber deep-set blue eyes with a curious sparkle of black, he considered skipping brushing his teeth. Grabbing his toothbrush from vanity, he slathered on the toothpaste. He knew Sophia wouldn’t dream of going on a date with him, and his dragon breath.

Then again– Who would want to date a 6’2  Mortician? “A corpse has a better chance of getting a date with Sophia than I do.” Stew mused clumsily throwing on clothes. Looking in the mirror in disbelief, his hair is sticking up straighter than a skunks tail.

“My hair! I forgot to comb my hair!” He shrieked. Slicking it down with his hands.

“No time to pack lunch! I gotta go!  Already 15 minutes late! Goodbye 666 Mundane Lane!” Stew yelled slamming the door.

This is Monday. When I am hung-up and cannot get moving, I am going to work on days of the week. It was a fun prompt!

I am working at fiction.

Comments are encouraged lovely readers.