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Father’s Day

It’s a bit early, but enjoy.  Might be another.  – Lynne 🙂

On Father’s Day,

I am writing this poem for you.
Some say you are not my Father.
But you are the only “Father” I knew.
Simply calling you “Grandpa” will not do.
What makes my Father so special
is the man he lived to be–
he had so much love in his heart
for his wife and family
and I’m thankful for what he’s taught me.

And the memories…

I remember your hand
reaching out to grab mine
giving it a squeeze
comforting any anxiety
I had in my mind.
Your easy-going smile
put my heart at ease.
The songs you made up (although funny)
they drove me crazy!!
But you loved to tease.
You took me places
and you told me tall tails–“The Genies.”
Always your side-kick,
when we visited Aunt Ruth, or your friends.
You never failed me–
you held me up when I was weak.
I knew I could count on you for everything–
you wouldn’t put up with bullies across the street!
My faithful companion–
We watched cartoons and played games.
You were down for whatever I wanted to do.
I thought, “I have the best Dad in the world!”
You never, ever complained.
You helped me with math.
And I gave you a hard time.
I should have listened, but I was a little girl–
I thought I knew everything.
Like my daughter does sometimes.
They don’t make men
like you anymore, Dad.
I’m trying so hard to raise my children
to have the kind of family we had.
Things are not the same, and it is sad.
They say it’s different for me
since I was raised by my grandad
that Dad’s don’t do what you did for me
children don’t have the childhood I had.
But I was happy, you did everything with me.
I thought that is what being a good Dad was about?

— Father’s Day Poem  LC© 2018


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Childhood Bliss

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Childhood Bliss.
© 2017 LC

Skipping rocks, racing–
bikes, children laughing, ice cream
truck– Tag!! You are– “It!”
The street lights flicker.
Time to hurry home now OR
you’d be in “trouble.”

I had a childhood before technology took over!

I’ve included a recipe for chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. 11 variations. When I was younger, they were a favorite!



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Free Fallin’ Cover

Found this cover for “the” favorite song of my girlhood. Well one of them.

John Mayer- Free Fallin’ Live

Tom Petty- Free Fallin’

Even though John Mayer’s version is nice, I think my preference will always be the original. After hearing Tom Petty sing it sooo many times, I am conditioned to that version.

I like exploring music to find artists and bands who performed covers of songs. If anything, I have another version of the song I like. If not, I’ll toss it!

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Memories. © 2016 LC

My mind swims with 17 years of memories.
You were my best friend, my partner in crime.
Today in church, an empty pew, no wisecracks,
no long brown stringy hair– no matter how much you brushed it.
Though I wanted to cry, I didn’t and I was proud.
The first time I have been there since you left us.
My life seems so much less colorful with you gone.
When I visit your grave site all is the way you’d like it.
With pretty flowers all around, pretty pinks and blues.
I pulled the weeds– and maybe a growing flower on accident.
It looked like a weed!
I knew if you were watching you’d laugh.
Your laugh was contagious.
Nobody could be sad around you.
You always knew what to say,
and even said what you shouldn’t.
But that was just the way you were.
I loved you anyway. Always will.

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Why Do I Keep It?


Why Do I Keep It?
© LC 2016

A tote full of silly, little things.
I’ve formed an attachment to.
Though I question their meaning.
Birthday cards, report cards.. old mementos…
Why do I keep it?
Fraggle Rock, Pogs, and Trolls.
Awards lying atop French and History tablets.
My hand prints and artwork defined by my young soul–
Set aside by my mother ’twas her habit.

Yet, I keep it.

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Precious Moments

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Precious Moments.
© 2016 LC

Almost 24 years have passed,
and my thoughts are with you, Dad.
I wish I could remember your voice.
The way you laughed at the times we had.

You were made of Super-hero stuff.
Larger than life in my eyes.
I miss our tickle-wars, and your picking.
Nanny telling you when it was “enough.”

I wonder what you would look like?
And how different things would be.
You just missed your 77th birthday.
You could teach Kayla how to ride her bike.

I think about how happier Mom would be.
The advice you would give your grandson.
You know how moody teenage boys are.
You have already raised one son.

Are you watching us from where you are?
I hope you are not in pain.
I would give anything.
To see you, again.

Until then I will remember–
the precious memories we have had.
For ten years of my life,
I was honored to call you “Dad.”

Photo Credit- DP


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MY Fallen Hero

MY Fallen Hero.
©  2016 LC

I remember you standing in the yard that day.
Your sunglasses on your face–
as mom took your picture.
You weren’t supposed to be smoking,
But I smelled it on your fingers.

I followed you everywhere you went.
I was your shadow that never left your side.
I heard your heartbeat slow in your chest.
I didn’t know what it meant.
But the bad feeling was left to linger.

The night plays back so vividly.
The panic! The fear! The shock!
I can’t believe you were taken from me.
Goodbyes that never were said.
But you knew you were the sun in my sky.

You fought all the bad guys for me,
and you carried me across the floor from snakes.
You helped me with my school work.
And advised me of my mistakes.
You were my hero. And then you were my fallen hero.

I am reminded of you everyday,
I see you in your grandson’s face.
I know you are watching over us.
I miss your voice, your laughter, and your jokes.
If you were here so many things would fall in place.

I look at this picture and at your Navy boat,
and I remember you as you were.
Thinking of your life, your family, and of your wife.
And I know I am lucky to have a man
that loves me as much as you loved her.