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Mondays are not “Fun” days…

Not feeling it today… Grabbin’ some Coffee and try again…

Have a great Monday!


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From My Cup to Yours..

Happy Monday!


Enjoying your coffee! Or tea?

May the most-dreaded, never-ending day of our week perish quickly and on a good-note!

To a productive day!

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Unwanted Guest


Unwanted Guest.
© 2017 LC

You laugh. Sing off-key.
Dancing. He sneakily creeps
onto your wet feet.
You don’t know how long
he’s there. But your foot itches.
The water streams down
your back. You are so relaxed.
Until you see HIM!
On your TOE! SPIDER! 

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© LC 2016

I love the summer.
But I cannot stand the heat.
O, Humidity!
The Sun is smiling.
My Allergies are laughing,
as I sneeze, again.
The birds are singing.
The sky is filled with promise.
Maybe it will rain.