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Forsaken. © LC 2016

What is life without
Loving? Hate is a strong word.
Love gone bad. Ruined.

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Be the Light

Be the Light. © 2016 LC

The world if fueled by
Hate and Fear creates a place
where Hope dies, slowly.
Kindness. Love. Friendship and Peace–
we can be what the world needs.
A place where Love grows–
Like a light in the darkness.

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Red Sky in Morning

Red Sky in Morning
© LC 2016

When I awoke this morning,
it was to loud crashes and booms–
bright reds and white lighting up the sky.
Signs of impending doom.
Men scattered in the distance with guns, angry.
If not for their anger, their misery, their strife-
I would have thought the fireworks were pretty.
But alas, the rockets kept firing with such might,
Little boys playing on a beach died– innocents– what a pity!!
I covered both ears, but their screams resonate in my ears.
I do not understand such anger– such hate,
that would lead men to carry out such atrocious plans.
To take what little land away from people– that is rightfully theirs–
Why the need to hate your fellow-man?
We are supposed to love our neighbors.
The whole situation is a recipe for disaster.
Each side ready to fire at a minutes notice if need be.
With Israel standing alone against its neighbors.
That just doesn’t seem fair to me.
All her allies are too far away.
The civil unrest makes me uneasy.
The government is so unstable!
With so many hostiles, the suicide bombers ready to strike!
For their cause, they will die because they are able.
I can hear screams from out the front door!
I cannot sleep at night because there is no rest here,
the children are crying, I can see a trail of smoke out of my window!
The rockets land here, there, and everywhere.
We would leave, but there is no place to go.
With rockets lighting up the sky and the bombs– I feel so unsafe.

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Humanity’s Downfall.

Humanity’s Downfall.

© 2016 LC


Hard stares. Mouths pressed in

a hard-line. Eyes enraged with

fire. A disease.


One is afflicted–

when their heart turns black as coal.

Others don’t matter.


Society– f





Compassion suffocating–

struggling for  Mercy.



Humanity too blind to

see the cure within was love.