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When I’m Grown-Up…

I want to sit on an old, wood porch swing with you
wrapped up in a coccon of your love listening to your
heart swelling in your chest as you breathe–
feeling the warm, summer breeze on our smiling faces
watching the sun slowly make her way up the horizon
the sky awake with color, the darkest blue clouds
against a wave of pastels- pink, purple, orange, yellow
the clouds fade to light puffy, cotton candy the
bright yellow sun makes her home in the sky
we make eyes at one another like two high school
sweethearts over our coffee as we talk about the
children and listen to the birds perched in the tall, Oak
trees as they sing their sweet songs. I want to grow old with you
in this old country house. You and me. This old, rusty swing.

~~ When I’m Grown-Up LC  ©2018

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Summer Mornings

The warm, summer sun peeks through the kitchen blinds
the delicious smell of coffee brewing hypnotizing my tired body
to wait impatiently for my vice I open the blinds and welcome
the sun like a long lost friend as I feel her salutation on my skin
I feel like a child ready to abandon my chores to play outside
I need to connect with nature to calm my restless soul to shake the
feelings of yesterday.  Keep dreaming! Always live for today.
I grab my favorite, cracked mug full of motivation, and walk outside at last.
~~ Summer Mornings. © 2018 LC

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Carefree, Happy Hearts


Carefree, Happy Hearts.
LC © 2017

She closes her eyes
feeling the breeze on her face.
Places both hands on
her door, happily. She smiles
carefree. Like nothing matters.
Maybe it doesn’t.
It’s a sunny day.
The windows are down.
Our family is together–
that is all we need.

My daughter inspired this poem! Turned around and instantly started smiling. Occasionally, I still place my head out of the window feeling the air on my face. I enjoy feeling the breeze through my hair and closing my eyes with the sun warm on my face. She reminded me I need to do it more often. Instead of being caught up with “adulting.”



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Outside with Droopy

Outside with Droopy.
LC © 2017

We sit together
in silence. While we enjoy
the air on the porch.
Traffic whizzes by–
while birds hum their happy tune.
My dog fights his sleep.
His eyes droop then they shut.
Until he is on alert!
No longer lazy!


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Don’t Change


People cannot change.
We  try controlling
our own destiny.
But when fate comes knocking–
She plays tricks on relationships.
‘Causes collateral damage.
People try morphing
into who they aren’t meant to be
to placate others
for happiness and harmony.
It lasts for a while
until it fades away–
because people do not change.
Do they?

©2017 LC

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A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach. LC © 2016

Feeling the sun hot
on my face. The squishy-sand,
wet between my toes.
Relaxing as the wind sends
a gentle breeze by sweeping
up my messy hair.
We laugh and smile as waves crash
into us. We wobble. Fall!
Taste the salt water.
Ick! Though we stand linked–
holding hands. Calling to the
waves– “Come and get  us!”
Once more.



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Free Fallin’ Cover

Found this cover for “the” favorite song of my girlhood. Well one of them.

John Mayer- Free Fallin’ Live

Tom Petty- Free Fallin’

Even though John Mayer’s version is nice, I think my preference will always be the original. After hearing Tom Petty sing it sooo many times, I am conditioned to that version.

I like exploring music to find artists and bands who performed covers of songs. If anything, I have another version of the song I like. If not, I’ll toss it!

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My Workday Playlist

My Writing/Cleaning Playlist–

One– Amazing Eyes- Good Old War

Two– Wrecking Ball- Ryan Adams

Three– We Don’t Know- The Strumbellas

Four– Winning Streak- Glen Hansard

Five– Better than Love- Griffin House (Live)

Six– She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron

Seven– Home– Blue October

Eight– Clementine- Sarah Jaffe

Nine– Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (Once Upon a Time)

Ten- Little Talks ( The X Factor USA)- Alex and Sierra