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If you are trying to access the site this morning, it may be glitchy.  Has been for the last couple of days. Constantly looking upon how to improve! 🙂

I did write this morning– a plus.

Have a great day!

Lynne 🙂

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Hello (Cover)

So “Hello” by Adele– I found a cover accidentally today. Whether or not you like Adele, you have to give it a listen.

Original-  Adele- Hello I love her voice! When you are angry singing a love/break-up song one of hers makes the list!

Cover- Fame on Fire- Hello

Also, if you like metal there is a great cover by Leo Moracchioli. I must admit he is awesome! I’ve listened to quite a few of his covers. If you want to scream a song at the top of your lungs, I’d look him up. He’s done a variety of popular songs.

Metal Cover – Leo- Hello


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Allergic to Coffee? Whaaat!


This morning I was up before the birds to have labs done. I couldn’t eat and surely couldn’t have coffee, or water, but in my opinion coffee is equivalent to water. Coffee is water.

I cannot string actual sentences together too early without it. Not ones that make sense anyway because my brain doesn’t tell the thought producing parts to work as they are still asleep without coffee. So I work in short sentences and mumbles.

I don’t want to put a whole lot of thought into what I’m saying. Because I’m not at my best when I first wake up. My hair looks like how my brain feels. Not ready to think yet.

Give me coffee and twenty minutes….

My son and I had breakfast after at McDonald’s. Grateful to have coffee! He had coffee, too. Fifteen and a coffee- drinker already. Where did the sippy-cup go? (He will be driving next year!)

It makes me happy to see him grow up and sad in other ways. The hair on his face growing so rapidly shadowing parts of his baby face I’ve grown used to over the years. The biscuit stuck in the stubble on his chin, as he takes a sip of his large coffee loaded with sugar, and tells me it tastes like crap.

We laugh. I am glad we can chat over coffee. Nothing beats it.  It’s nice to have time together. We come home and he tells me McDonald’s coffee is “okay” only for waking him up, but he prefers ours. I totally agree.

Our coffee is Dunkin’ Doughnuts Chocolate-Glazed Doughnut. I’m a “chocoholic,” on the coffee. I have tried every brand of chocolate coffee I thought I could tolerate. It’s the “one” for me.

Talking with him about coffee made me start thinking about coffee. About three weeks ago, we ran out of coffee. I started drinking Maxwell House that I have here for my Mom. Compared to some of the original brands of coffee I have tried, it is the best.


The week I drank the Maxwell House I noticed a rash on my chest. It was itchy. That week, I had a little trouble swallowing, catching my breath, and a small cough. I attributed it to allergies and dry mouth from medication.

I stopped drinking Maxwell House because my awesome chocolate coffee came for me. It’s cheaper to buy through the mail. I noticed after I stopped drinking it my symptoms went away.

Lately, my Fitbit tells me I cannot tolerate caffeine. I don’t drink a metric ton. I’ll have 10 oz. in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon– if I’m lagging like today. I will have pop if we are out. Or if my husband buys it. We try not to. He is more guilty of buying it than I am.

I won’t have coffee after 4 p.m. as I have heard it isn’t great for you. If I drink coffee then, I will toss and turn all night. Especially if “he who snores,” comes to bed. He can drink all the pop in the world and he sleeps like a baby. I don’t get it. Not fair! If I drink pop before bed along with coffee during the day, I will never sleep!

So based on the “Maxwell House incident” and piecing together how I feel when I drink coffee– possible symptoms–  and what my Fitbit tells me,  I may experiment when the coffee is gone to see if I feel better.

Today I googled– “Can a person be allergic to coffee?” I didn’t want to believe it. The one thing I totally love and depend on. How could I be allergic!? Turns out– Why yes, you can be allergic to coffee. Hopefully, it won’t be the case. I enjoy it!

Symptoms of Coffee/Caffeine allergy to name a few: rashes, acne, severe itching, migraine headaches, chest pain,

Some people can also be super-sensitive to caffeine. Some symptoms of hypersensitivity to name a few: irritability, anxiety, trouble sleeping, upset stomach, elevated heartbeat and blood pressure




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Ring of Fire Cover…

Thought it was time to explore the world of cover songs

I love Johnny Cash. Surprisingly, my teenage son loves him too! Not so much with my daughter, but she will come around!

The Original– Johnny Cash- The Ring of Fire

Our discoveries:

#1- Home Free feat. member of Penatonix- Ring of Fire  (I think I can sing. But after hearing them, I know I can’t!)

#2- Wall of Voodoo- Ring of Fire (Sounds a bit like an 80’s song to me?)

#3- Social Distortion- Ring of Fire (Great for waking up on a Monday morning. Or a snooze in the afternoon!)

Verdict– Still love the original. Nothing will replace it in my book. Although, I do love having other versions of the original. I do like all three versions since the song is one of my favorites. However, I do not think they all will make the cut to the music library.

What are your thoughts?