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Friday Playlist

Making a playlist. These songs are stuck in my head so they are first…

Lord Huron- The Night We Met

Lord Huron- She Lit A Fire

Harry Styles- Sign of the Times

The XX- On Hold

Paper Kites- Willowtree March

I’ll figure out the rest as the day goes…

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My Workday Playlist

My Writing/Cleaning Playlist–

One– Amazing Eyes- Good Old War

Two– Wrecking Ball- Ryan Adams

Three– We Don’t Know- The Strumbellas

Four– Winning Streak- Glen Hansard

Five– Better than Love- Griffin House (Live)

Six– She Lit a Fire- Lord Huron

Seven– Home– Blue October

Eight– Clementine- Sarah Jaffe

Nine– Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (Once Upon a Time)

Ten- Little Talks ( The X Factor USA)- Alex and Sierra

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My Friday Fix

Today’s Writing Playlist–

ONE- Brandi Carlie- Wherever is Your Heart

I think it’s time we found a way back home
You loose so many things you love as you grow
I missed the days when I was just a kid
My fear became my shadow, I swear it did
Wherever is your heart I call home
Wherever is your heart I call home
Though your feet may take you far from me, I know
Wherever is your heart I call home

TWO- Emmylou- First Aid Kit

Oh the bitter winds are coming in
And I’m already missing the summer
Stockholm’s cold but I’ve been told
I was born to endure this kind of weather
When it’s you I find like a ghost in my mind
I am defeated and I gladly wear the crown
I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June
If you’ll be my Graham and my Johnny too
No, I’m not asking much of you
Just sing little darling, sing with me

THREE- The Head and the Heart- Let’s Be Still

You can get lost in the music for hours, honey,
You can get lost in a room.
We can play music for hours and hours
But the sun’ll still be coming up soon
The world’s just spinning
A little too fast
If things don’t slow down soon we might not last.
So just for the moment, let’s be still.

FOUR- Josh Ritter- Change of Time

I had a dream last night
I dreamt that I was swimming
And the stars up above
Directionless and drifting
Somewhere in the dark
Were the sirens and the thunder
And around me as I swam
The drifters who’d gone under

Time, love
Time, love
Time, love
It’s only a change of time

FIVE- City and Colour- Grand Optimist

I fear I’m dying of complications
Complications due to things I’ve left undone
That all my debts will be left unpaid
Feel like a cripple without a cane
I’m like a jack of all trades
Who’s a master of none
Then there’s my father
He’s always looking on the bright side
Saying things like
“Son, life just ain’t that hard”
He is the grand optimist
I am the world’s poor pessimist
You give him burdensome times
And he will escape unscarred


The carpet still holds the shape of your feet
From the last time I saw you when you walked away from me.
Oh, Annie, what’s it all been for?
If I told you I was changing, would you love me more?

I went before the morning in the middle of the night,
Left you with a letter I never thought I’d write.
Oh, Annie, it only read, “goodbye.”
I guess it needed to be said,
It just ain’t a word of mine though.

SEVEN- Ben Howard- Oats in the Water

Go your way,
I’ll take the long way ’round,
I’ll find my own way down,
As I should.
And hold your gates
As croak in the midas touch
A joke in the way that we rust,
And breathe again.

EIGHT- The Lumineers- Angela

When you left this town, with your windows down
And the wilderness inside

Let the exits pass, all the tar and glass
‘Til the road and sky align

The strangers in this town,
They raise you up just to cut you down
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming

NINE- Passenger- Heart’s on Fire

Well I don’t know how and I don’t know why
But when something’s living well you can’t say die
You feel like laughing but you start to cry
I don’t know how and I don’t know why
Well I don’t have many and I don’t have much
In fact I don’t have any but I’ve got enough
‘Cause I know those eyes and I know that touch
I don’t have many and I don’t have much

TEN- Shovels and Rope- Birmingham

Delta Mama and a Nickajack Man
Raised their Cumberland daughters in a Tennessee band
Played Springwater at Station Inn
Couldn’t play fast, couldn’t fit in
Caught a ’66 Dodge in Caroline
Got her education on her mama’s dime
She was singing in a bar called Comatose
Halfway rusted on the salty coast
Rock of Ages, cleave for me
Let me hide myself in Thee
Buried in the sand
Five hundred miles from Birmingham
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Good Morning!

Heard this song for the first time while getting ready for school– had to share. Beautiful!

Shine- Benjamin Francis Leftwich


I could live in a different place
With a different house and a different name
I could sing you your favourite song
Yeah, you’d sing along, you’d sing along

I could wrap you in your favourite clothes
And kiss your face just so you know
That I’m the one who has got your back
Now turn around and don’t be sad

I hope you find the love that’s true
So the morning light can shine on you
I hope you find what you’re looking for
So your heart is warm for ever more

I could fly you away with me
To the furthest place you’ll ever be
We could smoke ’til the sun goes down
And without a sound, without a sound

We’d fall asleep by the big blue sea
With open eyes so we could see
The way it shines for you and I
You know it’ll shine until we fly

I hope you find the love that’s true
So the morning light can shine on you
I hope you find what you’re looking for
So your heart is warm for ever more

I could wait with you by the water
I could wait with you for the winter to come
I could stand with you with your snow boots on

I hope you find the love that’s true
So the morning light can shine on you
I hope you find what you’re looking for
So your heart is warm for ever more

I hope you find what you’re looking for
So your heart is warm for ever more
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Top Ten Saturday Playlist

Saturday Mix- Up.

Songs I’ve been listening to lately. Maybe you will find something you like! Open to suggestions, too!

ONE– Jason Isbell- Flagship

There’s a few too many years on this hotel
She used to be a beauty you can tell
The lights down in the lobby they don’t shine
They just flicker while the elevator winds
And the couple in the corner of the bar
Have traveled light and clearly traveled far
She’s got nothing left to learn about his heart
They’re sitting there a thousand miles apart

Baby let’s not ever get that way
I’ll say whatever words I need to say
I’ll throw rocks at your window from the street
And we’ll call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

TWO– Griffen House- The Guy Who Says Goodbye To You is Out of His Mind

You don’t need to change a thing about you babe
I’m telling you
From where I sit, you’re one of a kind
Relationships, I don’t know why, they never work out and they make you cry
But the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind

THREE– James Bay- Hold Back the River

Once upon a different life
We rode our bikes into the sky
But now we call against the tide
Those distant days are flashing by
Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river, so I
Can stop for a minute and be by your side
Hold back the river, hold back
Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much, but we’ve made the most
Welcome homeShips are launching from my chest
Some have names but most do not
If you find one, please let me know what piece I’ve lost

This superficial love thing got me going crazy
Baby if you want me, then you better need me
‘Cause I’m so done, not being your number one
And if you wanna keep me, then you better treat me
Like a damn princess, make that an empress
‘Cause I’m so done, not being your number one
This superficial love
I was only walking through your neighborhood
Saw your light on, honey; in the cold I stood
Anywhere I go there you are
Anywhere I go there you areI been getting used to waking up with you
I been getting used to waking up here
Anywhere I go there you are
Anywhere I go there you are

There you are
There you are

Oh wait, just wait
I love you like I’ve never felt the pain,
Just wait
I love you like I’ve never been afraid,
Just wait
Our love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me
‘Cause it’s too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater
And anything to make you smile
It is a better side of you to admire
But they should never take so long
Just to be over then back to another one
But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do
No one’s gonna love you more than I do
Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you’re holding back
She said shut up and dance with me
This woman is my destiny
She said oh oh oh
Shut up and dance with me
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Ah Ha! Good Tune!

I have been trying to find this song for weeks! Today it comes on!

I think it’s a good song! Give it a listen! See what you think?

The Tallest Man on Earth- The Dreamer

I’m just a dreamer but I’m hanging on
Though I am nothing big to offer
I watch the birds, how they dive in then gone
It’s like nothing in this world’s ever still

And I’m just a shadow of your thoughts in me
But sun is setting, shadows growing
A long cast figure will turn into night
It’s like nothing in this world ever sleeps

Oh sometimes the blues is just a passing bird
And why can’t that always be
Tossing aside from your birches crown
Just enough dark to see
How you’re the light over me


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St. Patrick’s Day Playlist- 12 songs!

U2-With or Without You

The Cranberries-Linger

Snow Patrol-Run

The Dublineers-Seven Drunken Nights

Blaggards-Big Strong Man (Live)

Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Flogging Molly-Float

The Script-If Only You Could See Me Now

Hozier-Work Song

The Cranberries-Dreams

The Corrs- When The Stars Go Blue

U2-Sweetest Thing


How about you? Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? What are you listening to?