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Hello (Cover)

So “Hello” by Adele– I found a cover accidentally today. Whether or not you like Adele, you have to give it a listen.

Original-  Adele- Hello I love her voice! When you are angry singing a love/break-up song one of hers makes the list!

Cover- Fame on Fire- Hello

Also, if you like metal there is a great cover by Leo Moracchioli. I must admit he is awesome! I’ve listened to quite a few of his covers. If you want to scream a song at the top of your lungs, I’d look him up. He’s done a variety of popular songs.

Metal Cover – Leo- Hello


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Que sera, sera — Cristian Mihai

It is said that when God glued the stars to the heavens, He already knew man would be His ultimate creation. To be created in His image. So God chose to write man’s fate in the stars. All that would happen, all the forces that would build or crush man’s dreams, all the moments […]

Read more via Que sera, sera — Cristian Mihai

So beautiful I had to share!  (Hope she doesn’t mind.)

It made me smile this morning.



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The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games.

© 2016 LC

War. Terrible War.

Children. Sacrificed. Yearly.

Taught to kill. Destroy.

But she overcomes it all.

A hero in her own right.


Thought I’d try to weave a poem from a movie.

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Making it Happen.

I am wearer of many hats.

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister.

Writer. Helper.

For a long time, I’ve had a dream of being a writer. Having a blog and writing a book.

I am talking life-long dream. Since I was a kid dream. Writing stories and poems for friends. Stupid kid stories about dogs and teddy bears that I was going to publish. But I had imagination. Now I can’t even decide WHAT to write about.

I have taken classes about writing. My instructor told me, “You have potential. Though you have too many things going on right now, and it is sucking your energy out of you. That is why you are having trouble writing.”

I love to read. And I love to write. Though I don’t make time for either of them. I have too many things to do. I’m an obsessive house cleaner. Errand runner. Cell looker at-er. Admittedly.

When I do have time to write, I have intense anxiety. Plagued with “blank-page phobia”. I don’t know what I will write about. I suddenly grapple over which word would grab the readers attention. Which one would be prettier on the page. Then, I get distracted–

Don’t I have something to clean?

Then, I come back. Stare at the computer s’more. To the point of annoyance. Until I shut it down because nothing productive is happening here. Do the same thing the next day, if I have time.

I worry too much about what others will think about what I write. Will my family find my blog here. What will they think?

Now I am to the point so what if they do? This is how I feel. I can’t apologize for it.

It is time to do something for me, and this is me. I won’t apologize for being me. Take it or leave it, what you see is what you get. W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.