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Our First Beach Trip


Our First Beach Trip.
© LC 2017

Never Shall I Forget my first
family beach trip that June in the
back of Dad’s Red and black Ford. I had
just finished first grade.
Never Shall I forget falling asleep with
grape Hubba-Bubba in my hair. Mom had
to cut the sticky, stringy mess from my head.
Never shall I forget the love I felt radiating
from both of my parents and the immense amount
of excitement and happiness we all felt going on
our first vacation together!
Never shall I forget the damaging winds, the swaying
trees, the flashing lightning, and booming thunder.
My Dad was invincible, as he was my hero, and wasn’t afraid.
Never shall I forget watching in fear the way he ran into KFC to
grab dinner. He did not fear any storm for he was a proud Navy-man.
Never shall I forget sitting there listening to the rhythm of the
windshield wipers thinking he was gone too long. Listening to
the rain fall hard on the glass. The raindrops race to streak down
the windows. In the glass, I saw a blurry form who was my Dad!
Never shall I fear going anywhere with my Dad. He is not afraid
to be in strange places with people he has never met and never afraid
to make a friend or two.
Never will I forget these things as long as I live. (As little did I know this would be our only family vacation.)


This is my first shot at a “Never Shall I Poem.”  Not sure how great I did, but I’ll keep practicing on occasion.

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Tears in the Rain


Tears in the Rain
© 2017 LC

Calming is the rain.
POURING from the gray sky. Like
all the tears I’ve cried.


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LC ©2017

She will make you feel
inadequate like you don’t
belong. Looking down–
watching and waiting
for another beautiful
quirk to show itself.
Perfection doesn’t
make mistakes.  Or have your flaws.
She is your better.
Or maybe you are
the issue like “he” has said.
Because that’s not her.

{I’m the idiot
then for how she makes me feel.
I can control it.}

My sister-in-law often has the power to make me feel this way. My husband says she isn’t like that, but I think woman have a special intuition about other woman. I think men are clueless in our ways.

*Revised to fix flow of poem and word choice.


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Carefree, Happy Hearts


Carefree, Happy Hearts.
LC © 2017

She closes her eyes
feeling the breeze on her face.
Places both hands on
her door, happily. She smiles
carefree. Like nothing matters.
Maybe it doesn’t.
It’s a sunny day.
The windows are down.
Our family is together–
that is all we need.

My daughter inspired this poem! Turned around and instantly started smiling. Occasionally, I still place my head out of the window feeling the air on my face. I enjoy feeling the breeze through my hair and closing my eyes with the sun warm on my face. She reminded me I need to do it more often. Instead of being caught up with “adulting.”



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Outside with Droopy

Outside with Droopy.
LC © 2017

We sit together
in silence. While we enjoy
the air on the porch.
Traffic whizzes by–
while birds hum their happy tune.
My dog fights his sleep.
His eyes droop then they shut.
Until he is on alert!
No longer lazy!