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From My Cup to Yours..

Happy Monday!


Enjoying your coffee! Or tea?

May the most-dreaded, never-ending day of our week perish quickly and on a good-note!

To a productive day!

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Which One Are You?


I am a combination! I am not entirely a match for the writer.  I am a perfectionist, but not with writing.  With my writing, I am messy. It is hard for me to finish projects. My head isn’t totally messy. I don’t have cobwebs up there.  I do have material up there. Yes, I am passionate– about everything— however, I am not a know-it-all. I do know my limits even though I test them… Daily. I learn.

The poet seems a better fit. Not quiet, but not loud. I am observant and detail-oriented– that goes with being a perfectionist. The productivity and struggling with words is right-on!

Which one are you?

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Special Side Note for Challenges–

Hi There!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend  If not, I’m so sorry. Wish I could wave a wand or pray it better. That is a bummer! Either way, I’d love to hear about it!

Anyway, I love looking for new challenges for poetry. If you ever want to try them, you can ping back to me. I’d love to read what you wrote!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! 😉


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Visiting with Relatives

I missed being here last week!! My in-laws came in from the south like they every year. We spent a couple of days with them at a nearby amusement park, and had dinner. The rest of the week we made other plans, a trip with my mom, and an unavoidable appointment.

Our plans included meeting his mom and step-dad Friday at a local town celebration. They travel in for this particular celebration annually. My husband goes anywhere feeling like shit, and we never miss. That morning, he placed ALL the blame on me saying I was sick, which in the morning, I did have a migraine.

He omitted it was his fault we didn’t go. Even though it was HIS FAULT, as it was mine, he only succeeded in making me look bad. He laid around all day on the couch. I expected we would meet up with them later. No words were exchanged until late evening when an unintended guilt trip was laid in my lap.

“My mom is asking about you. She wants to know if you are better yet so we can go visit.”

“Why didn’t I know about this earlier? We could have went.”

“I didn’t want to go and you were doing other things.”

When no communication is passed between two people, it’s hard to make plans — let alone achieve what other people want you to do. I would have loved to visit them before they left. I have things here I wanted to give them.


We made our plans for the week they came home the week of our beach trip. Not that parts of our trip wasn’t fun. The trip itself was stressful for us. None of us could handle the fighting. It’s not that we don’t love them…

We have learned.. Or rather I have learned a thing or two about his sister and how she really feels. He has only glimpsed an action or two. He may not acknowledge it fully–though I do. I see it.  I won’t allow myself or my children to be treated poorly. Or spoken down to. It’s time to speak up for ourselves. Or bite my tongue when necessary.

Last week was a busy, stressful week. It’s hard to find words when you are drained. Stressing, traveling, and fighting with my husband over behaviors– his behaviors— it steals any words or thoughts I had. My brain = mush.


My favorite part of last week was the trip with my mom, kids, and husband. It was the least stressful. We traveled out to the country to meet relatives of my Nanny’s I haven’t seen since I was a child. It was her brother’s son and his family. During our visit, I heard so many stories about my Nanny and her brother! We had a wonderful time.

On a positive note, I have been speaking up more for myself. I’m at an age where I want some peace in my life. No more fighting. I’m not going to tolerate certain behaviors or ways people treat others. Including my marriage, I’m not stuck. I have been in this marriage for 11 years, and something will change.


More family posts from summer to come!

  • Edited to fix a couple errors. Sorry (perfectionist syndrome)



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Who Am I?

Who I AM:

I’m many things..

I’m a dreamer.

a perfectionist.


Love helping people.

Down to earth..




LC 2017


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Putting it Out There…

Website Under Construction Sign

If you are checking out the Homepage today, it’s currently being re-vamped.  So it’s invisible like some of us wish we were at times. That would be cool. Wouldn’t it?

In between re-vamping, I will be making oatmeal cream pies for an army!!

I hope to have the homepage back up by tonight…

Have a great, hopefully relaxing, Sunday!

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Thank You Readers!


I didn’t have a chance to say it this morning, but I think you are awesome! Thank you all for stopping by and reading, following, and commenting.

IF by chance you DO NOT understand a poem (as it seems that is my choice lately), please ask questions. I would be more than happy to answer any question you have. Your question may help me. Especially if I am in a jam naming the poem! Yesterday the idea came to me instantly by making me think by answering the question.  🙂

You are welcome here. Stop in any time and say hello. My goal is to write every day in some way, shape, or form.  I will do my best!

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I am Back.. Again.

Hello again! One thing that may have caught your attention is I have been posting more! I sincerely thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! Some of you may have wondered what happened to me.

I have been making more of an effort to write. I set aside the time. I write when I feel like it. Even if it means the dishes wait. Or the laundry is done later. Eff the laundry.

This is who I am. I am a writer. I love seeing words on a screen.

So where have I been? Where did I go? How’s life? Well…

School/End. Summer. Beach trip. Family Drama <—- Sticks to me like glue.

I observe quietly. Holding it in. Waiting for the right time to create a written masterpiece from the explosion of feelings and thoughts— a poem, or a story.

I have stories within me to tell. I won’t be going anywhere. I’m back to stay.

On a side note: I am trying to envision the future of my blog. How I want it to be. If this is home. Or if I have other ideas… Maybe I am out of my “groove.”

Thoughts? Comments? How is your summer?