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Ring of Fire Cover…

I love Johnny Cash. Surprisingly, my teenage son loves him too! Not so much with my daughter, but she will come around!

The Original– Johnny Cash- The Ring of Fire

Our discoveries:

#1- Home Free feat. member of Penatonix- Ring of Fire  (I think I can sing. But after hearing them, I know I can’t!)

#2- Wall of Voodoo- Ring of Fire (Sounds a bit like an 80’s song to me?)

#3- Social Distortion- Ring of Fire (Great for waking up on a Monday morning. Or a snooze in the afternoon!)

Verdict– Still love the original. Nothing will replace it in my book. Although, I do love having other versions of the original. I do like all three versions since the song is one of my favorites. However, I do not think they all will make the cut to the music library.

What are your thoughts?




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