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Day 20: Writing Challenge

Day 20: Writing Challenge–  FIVE Celebrity Crushes

ONE (tie) – Chris and Liam Hemsworth– The Hemsworth brothers, or at least two of them, top my list. Their older brother Luke also does some acting. Sounds like growing up at the Hemsworth’s may have been entertaining. Not only do good looks run in the family, but also they are blessed as talented actors.

Favorite re-occurring role played by Chris– Thor.
Favorite movies– Thor, Star Trek, Snow White and The Huntsman, Avengers
New/Upcoming Movies– The Huntsman Winter’s War, Ghostbusters, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War Part One

Favorite re-occurring role played by Liam– Gale- The Hunger Games Trilogy
Favorite movies– Hunger Games Trilogy, Expendables 2, The Last Song, Love and Honor
Upcoming Movie– Independence Day: Resurgence (Prerequisite- Independence Day) 

Interesting Tidbits- Chris is a known family manLiam is known for his ongoing relationship with Miley Cyrus. What does he see in her?  We may never know. Oh well, we don’t have to like her. He does!


TWO- Ian Somerholder– Best known for his roles on Vampire Diaries, and Lost. I didn’t follow Lost. However, I fell in love with him as “Damon” on Vampire Diaries. Who doesn’t root for the bad boy, and his chance at redemption?

Favorite re-occurring role– Damon- Vampire Diaries
Favorite Movies– Wake
Haven’t Seen-  The Anomaly

Interesting tidbits- Ian is passionate about the environment, and started his own foundation in 2010. Previouly dated former Vampire Diaries co-star Nina Dobrev for three years, but she wasn’t ready for a serious commitment. The relationship gradually tapered off after his wedding proposal. He started dating and later married Nikki Reed.


THREE- Sam Heughan– Known for donning a kilt and his mesmerizing Irish accent on Outlander.

Favorite re-occurring role–  James Fraser- Outlander
Haven’t seen– Emulsion
Upcoming Movie– When the Starlight Ends

Interesting tidbits– Sam grew up on the grounds of an old castle in Scotland, traveled a ton, and says he and his brother was named after Lord of the Rings characters.


FOUR- (Christopher Catesby) Kit Harington– Ahhh, Jon Snow! If you follow Game of Thrones, you recognize Kit as the former Lord Commander of the Knight’s Watch.  Dark, troubled eyes. The brooding look. Pouty lips. I wonder how long he can keep going at that rate. He needs to believe in himself again.

Favorite re-occurring role– Jon Snow- Game of Thrones
Favorite Movies– Pompeii, How to Train Your Dragon Two (Eret), and the Seventh Son
Upcoming Movie- Brimstone

Interesting tidbits– Kit fell in-love with his former co-star Rose Leslie who played Ygritte. He is named after 16th century British playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe, and prefers his name shortened. Through his paternal grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny, Kit’s eight times great-grandfather was King Charles II of England.


FIVE- Alexander Skarsgard- I became familiar with Alexander the summer of True Blood. Though I didn’t follow the series to completion. It seemed to have lost its touch after the “Lilith” thing.  Again, he played the bad boy, and I was rooting for him. I still like Eric better than Bill.

Favorite re-occurring role– Eric- True Blood
Favorite movies- Battleship and the Giver
Upcoming movie- The Legend of Tarzan

Interesting Tidbits– Alexander is 6’4. He served in Sweden’s Royal Navy as a teen before continuing his education, and pursing his acting career.


Honorable Mentions—

Torrance Combs– I know him from Bash on Reign. Not a lot of filmography. I am looking forward to his upcoming TV Series Still Star-Crossed where he portrays Count Paris. We won’t see him on Reign as much, however, I wish him the best of luck with his new show!

Joe Manganiello– Another True-Blood cast member! Joe played as Alcide. I learned he is native to my area, and likes our sports teams. I love hearing about actors from home making it out there pursing their passion. Acting is a hard career and though many have the same dreams– they don’t always come true for everyone.

Joe also played as Flash Thompson in Spiderman, Magic Mike, and is currently the voice of Hefty in the filming of the new Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Jensen Ackles– Four words– Eye of the Tiger

Max Irons– I loved Max as Henry in the White Queen. He also starred in Red Riding Hood, and the Host, which I thought were good movies.



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