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MY Fallen Hero

MY Fallen Hero.
©  2016 LC

I remember you standing in the yard that day.
Your sunglasses on your face–
as mom took your picture.
You weren’t supposed to be smoking,
But I smelled it on your fingers.

I followed you everywhere you went.
I was your shadow that never left your side.
I heard your heartbeat slow in your chest.
I didn’t know what it meant.
But the bad feeling was left to linger.

The night plays back so vividly.
The panic! The fear! The shock!
I can’t believe you were taken from me.
Goodbyes that never were said.
But you knew you were the sun in my sky.

You fought all the bad guys for me,
and you carried me across the floor from snakes.
You helped me with my school work.
And advised me of my mistakes.
You were my hero. And then you were my fallen hero.

I am reminded of you everyday,
I see you in your grandson’s face.
I know you are watching over us.
I miss your voice, your laughter, and your jokes.
If you were here so many things would fall in place.

I look at this picture and at your Navy boat,
and I remember you as you were.
Thinking of your life, your family, and of your wife.
And I know I am lucky to have a man
that loves me as much as you loved her.



Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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