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L.C. ©  2016

They hurt and leave scars

in places no one can see.

They toy with emotions

such is the way.. with a bully.

They think they are superior

picking on those who are small.

By making their victims feel inferior–

Because they don’t know how to stand tall.

The damage caused by words–

Brings a veil of anxiety.

Bullies think they rule the “herd,”

and with their words bring misery.

Hatred is easily wrought over nothing.

Words are like sharp-edged knives until one day actions form.

Bystanders easily dismiss a person’s suffering.

The bully becomes the victim– which is the norm.

How different the world would be

if we could all stand together– as friends.

Teaching children to be gutsy–

so bullying can come to an end.



Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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