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A Poem Nanny Wrote

I write so much about my grandmother. I thought you’d like to hear from my grandmother.

One of her poems. She didn’t title them–

As I reach and get my Bible
and sat while to rest
I open up the pages
and Oh, how I am blessed

It tells me how he loves me
and how happy I can be
and that there is nothing
he can’t do for me

and so I stop to wander
and looked across the way
I saw the trees bent with beauty
of what he sent that day

God sends the snow
and it is beautiful-
just like Heaven is going to be

I watch the birds feeding
on the snow covered ground
how we love to feed them
and watch them fly around

God says he takes care of the little birds,
and how much more precious are we

sometimes I get lonesome
since all my girls are gone
but then he tells me he is here
and then I calm right down

He is always here when I need him
me and dad are all alone now
but God is watching us
He wants to save Dad
but something is wrong

I am sure God will keep waiting
If he sees any hope at all
Cause he just won’t give up
until he got us all

The love of God is in my heart
he comes first in everything
so because of him
My love reaches out to rescue all I can
I love my children
Because God gave me them

I pray each day and night
that they may see the light.
And come to know the Savior
and then I know everything will be alright

I love the church where I found God
and all of his people too
and thanks be to God
for every one of you

© N. Elliott

When I first read her poem, I could hear her voice in it. Brought tears to my eyes from missing her so much.

Poetry should speak to us in this way. Make us feel things. Happiness. Sadness. Grief.

*My grandmother prayed for my grandfather to find peace with God, but he did not take the Lord as his Savior until he was on his deathbed in 1984. Black-lung took my grandfather. That is what she is speaking of in her poem.

Thanks for reading!






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