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Let’s Do This, Monday

Coffee.. Coffee. and more Coffee! Ready to write.

I think.

My husband kept me up last night with his incessant snoring. I am certain the whole house came alive with the very sound of it. With the heavy drone of it in my ear, the chance for sleep was nil.

The birds sang their sweet songs. I knew with the light dawning through the window the alarm would be sounding. Frustrated I turned it off. Instead of snoozing– because that is the “normal” me.

Not today. Groans erupted when alarms upstairs sounded. Sleepy children craved more rest.

“Do I have to get up? Just a few minutes longer!” They whined.

But eventually everyone in this house fell into formation. Their dad started preparing for work. We started making breakfast.

Let’s do this, Monday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!





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