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The Dream

The Dream.


I wake from my dream with a sudden jolt. My ears echo with loud rumbles of thunder that angrily threaten to shake me from bed. The hardwood floor reverberates in agreement with the thunder with each step, as I gingerly climb out of my warm nest of covers.

Stealing a glimpse of the storm from the bay window, flashes of lightning assault the night sky, as the rain sails down the glass in wild streaks. Lively black clouds expel large amounts of hail. The wind picks up singing a wild tune.

This is only the beginning of what is to come. Annie told me in the dream, but the ending was abrupt. The clues.. Oh, Annie!

“Come back to bed. It’s late.” Max groans glancing at the clock. As he rubs his eyes, taking in the sight of his lover. Sitting perched beside the window like a frightened bird. Both arms wrapped around her waist tightly enveloped in her rope. Like a present, he would have to unwrap.

“I can’t, Max. It’s not the storm this time. It was the same dream. All over again.” I lazily confess as I look for any clue from my dream. I am captivated by the storm. How the darkness has swallowed the night, and nothing remains. Tensely I rub my arms up and down my shoulders.

“I know she is trying to tell me something. Warn me of something. Only I don’t know what. She only leaves me clues. She was the one who was good at puzzles. Not me!”

I start to pace. “You must think I am crazy!”  I whisper. Stealing a side glance at Max. His brown hair crazy, rumpled on his head. I feel bad for waking him. My attempt to tip-toe failed. His eyes tired and red.

“Crazy! Why would I think you are crazy! You lost your best friend, Kel. I know you grieve her loss deeply with all your heart, and soul. You were like sisters !!” He walks over to the bay window, and encloses me in his warm embrace.

“I am here for you no matter what, Kel. Whatever and whenever. You know it’s about time we talked about who needs to move in with whom.” His blue eyes pierce my soul as he gazes into my eyes saying this because I know he means it. His soft lips brush mine. The kiss is both reassuring, and sweet.

“Now can we go to bed dear woman? We both have work in the morning” He teases. His voice husky. He arranges the tangled mess of covers neatly as if sleep was the only goal he has in mind. The storm still roaring outside causes the lights to flicker. “I promise I will keep you safe.” He winks.

I am lost looking in the clouds. The way the lightning flashes intensely. “Annie, please send more clues. If you are trying to tell me something, find another way.”


“Huh? Oh! Yes, I think we can. It was only a dream, right?” I say half-smiling. I climb into bed once appearing more carefree, and lay my head on his shoulder. Hoping I dream tonight.

Work in progress. Stories can be difficult. But they will get easier.

Feel free to let me know what you think,





Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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