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Day SEVEN- Writing Challenge

A week into the challenge! Only three weeks left of the challenge.

My thoughts — what a great way to write everyday. If you are struggling, as I was with staring at a blank computer screen, only to later slam it shut without writing– I challenge you to try this!

IF you do try it, TAG me. I would love to see what you write.

Day SEVEN– Ten Songs I am Loving Right now-

Easy. Between Pandora and Amazon Prime Music, I’m constantly discovering new songs, and still loving old ones.

One- The Lumineers- Ophelia
I’m constantly whistling this one. The chorus is catchy.

“Honey I love you, that’s all she wrote…

Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl like a drug
Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love
Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood
Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love
Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl like a drug
Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love”

Two- Ruth B- Lost Boy (Into Sessions)
Love this song. Who doesn’t dream about escaping reality, and getting lost for a while? 

“I am a lost boy from Neverland
Usually hanging out with Peter Pan
And when we’re bored we play in the woods
Always on the run from Captain Hook
“Run, run, lost boy, ” they say to me,
“Away from all of reality.”

Neverland is home to lost boys like me
And lost boys like me are free”

Three- Blue October- Home
Great song about family. Chorus makes me wanna dance.. Hmm, maybe I will. Oh wait, on to the number four!

“Like dancing in the kitchen in the pale moonlight
Only care in the world is that our kids are all right
Daddy loves momma and momma loves him
Tomorrow we get to do it over again

So smile at me baby, take my breath away
With the good Lord willing, I’ll be happy to say
That daddy loves momma and momma loves him
Tomorrow we get to do it over again”

Four- Of Monsters and Men- Dirty Paws
Beautiful song. Heard it one day and instantly liked it.

“Jumping up and down the floor,
My head is an animal.
And once there was an animal,
It had a son that mowed the lawn.
The son was an OK guy,
They had a pet dragonfly.
The dragonfly it ran away,
But it came back with a story to say.”

Five- The Lumineers (Live at IHEART Radio)- Cleopatra
Another Lumineers Song! I love them. They have some catchy tunes. IF you like that genre of music, you might want to check them out if you haven’t– yet. I have my son liking them. My daughter is becoming familiar, “Mom! Lumineers again! Really!”

We grow old, our hearts are dim
But our minds are free, to fly where they will
Your beauty is faded, you’re a broken shell
It’s only the weak that fall for your spell
You can’t control me no more Cleopatra, patra, patra
You can’t control me no more Cleopatra, patra, patra
It’s time to move, to the next life
You’ll be reborn as a beautiful child
You’ll turn the heads of a million men
Lady Pharaoh, the jewel of the Nile

Six- Hozier- It Will Come Back (Live Session)
Love Hozier, and how his music sounds. I like a couple of his other songs too. This one is mellow, and laid-back having a certain urgency to it, a warning. Love can be tricky. 

“You know better babe, you know better babe,
Than to look at it, look at it like that.
You know better babe, you know better babe,
Than to talk to it, talk to it like that.
Don’t give it a hand, offer it a soul
Honey, make this easy.
Leave it to the land, this is what it knows
Honey, that’s how it sleeps.
Don’t let it in with no intention to keep it
Jesus Christ, don’t be kind to it.
Honey don’t feed it, it will come back.”

Seven- Seether- Words as Weapons 
Powerful song about words.

“All I really want is something beautiful to say–

Keep me locked up in your broken mind
I keep searching, never been able
To find a light behind your dead eyes
Not anything at all

You keep living in your own lie
Ever deceitful and ever unfaithful
Keep me guessing, keep me terrified
Take everything from my world”

Eight- Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Cecilia And The Satellite (Official Video)
Upbeat song about love, and growing up. A feel-good tune.

“I lock myself in a hotel room
Been waiting all night for the walls to move
I’ve loved some girls that I barely knew
I’ve made some friends, and I’ve lost some too
Crashed my car, I was 17
My mother in the seat riding next to me
The things I’ve learned from a broken mirror
How a face can change when a heart knows fear
Through all the things my eyes have seen
The best by far is you”

Nine- José González – Heartbeats (Official Music Video)
Pretty, slower song about the messiness and confusion of love. Love the guitar. 

“One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away
Both under influence
We had divine scent
To know what to say
Mind is a razor blade

To call for hands from above to lean on
Would that be good enough for me?”

Ten- Cold War Kids- First
A song about how relationships can go wrong an energetic, memorable tune.

“Cheated and lied, broken so bad
You made a vow, never get mad
You play the game, though it’s unfair
They’re all the same, who can compare?
First you lose trust, then you get worried”


My ten! Hope you enjoyed them. Maybe discovered a new song? You can always tell me what you think if you have time. Or if you want to recommend a song. I love music! 

Tomorrow’s challenge is something I struggle with. I can’t promise it will be up tomorrow, however, I will try to post some other things I am working on.

You may not have noticed (if you have– awesome!), but I have been working on things here. Trying to make it a nice place. I think the layout is alright finally.

Also, I am posting more regularly. Hoping certain posts aren’t too distracting. Again, you can tell me what you think. I can post more or less graphics, texts, quotes, or funny stuff. I think they add to the atmosphere. However, I am trying to find a happy medium with those, challenges, poems, and other posts.

My job is to make your reading experience a good one! 

Have a great day!





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