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Hidden Behind Your Smile.

Hidden Behind Your Smile.

©2016 LC

Your pretty smiles–  so deceiving,

like how could we possibly you were in pain?

Such a beautiful person from the outside,

yet struggled so much in vain.

You were a great friend,

always there in a time of need.

Dealing with so much at home,

you only wanted freed.

You were so happy,

Your laugh– an enchantment to young men.

Until you had to go home,

and deal with it all over again.

I remember that day in my yard,

the song blasting on the stereo.

The words we sang–

You did not want to go.

Shortly after, you joined the wrong crowd.

Started acting like an imbecile!!

Before I knew it you shipped to California

To live with your dad, typical.

No goodbyes were said–

short notice, you’d be back after your stint.

Only then we got bad news,

and we knew that you wouldn’t..

Why did you take all the Tylenol?

Weeks before you turned 16?

Didn’t you think about your family and friends?

Come on ‘Chelle that was mean.

I miss you more than ever.

You were such a beautiful soul.

I don’t understand why you did it.

I will never understand your goal.

Memories will always remain–

in my heart where you belong.

You’re a song that stays with me forever

and carries over into the great beyond.








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