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Dad and Me– Poem.

Dad and Me.

© LC 2016

Eyes cloaked by sadness,

though as a child I would never see.

The depth of your depression–

your eyes rays of sunshine when around me.

My feet ran faster than bolts of lightning–

because you were my best friend.

A daughter’s love for her father,

it has no beginning– no end.

High upon a pedestal I placed you.

I never thought you would fall down.

You were the glue– the “fixer,” of everything.

My happy-go-lucky jokester. The clown.

My rescue attempts would not work this time.

The light beckoning you too strong– your heart weak.

No hospital walls were strong enough to hold you.

Watching the events unfold like a bystander, but this life was mine.

For awhile, I still looked for you everywhere.

Sneaking up on you. “Did you notice?” As the stairs groaned.

Hearing things. “I’m talking to you, Dad.”

Yeah, I know… Mom and I are alone.

I will never forget those gray eyes

like a storm at sea

who had a smile, a joke, a song,

who seemed happy– if not only for me.










Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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