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Day Two: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Two- Write About Something Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forgot.

This has a back story so make yourself comfortable.

When I was growing up, my parents became good friends with the neighbors next door. My dad and the guy next door were both veterans. Dad from the Navy. The guy next door from the Army. Though he would later work as a Postmaster, and retire. Both my mother and the woman next door worked in retail at one of those stores that are long gone leaving only a vague memory for some of us. For others, fond memories.

We would hang out with them quite a bit. Take trips. We would alternate spending holidays together and playing cards at each other’s houses. I loved going there because they were like my aunt and uncle. I went across the street to “talk” to them. However, the talkative child I could be I may have annoyed them (not on purpose.) Hey! I was funny at least!

When I went over for holidays, I remember walking on their carpet pretending to be an astronaut thinking I could bounce really high on it. Playing cards in their den, I was a superhero. At our house, when we played cards I hid under the table eating crackers and cheese. Their house was more fun. Especially, when their youngest son was in town. He was a writer, and that made him fun. And very interesting to me! 

I think he took an interest in me because I was always around, and I had a unique imagination. He took me to an annual festival in town, and he let me get me whole face painted like a clown. Which to me was the coolest thing ever! He stopped by the house anytime he was in town to visit. One time he was doing a movie with Keanu Reeves, and he was at our house. I was shy, and I hid under a roll-away bed. 

I wish I could have met him, again! I would not hide underneath a bed! I think Keanu Reeves is a humble actor from what I have read.

Thing is with him– you never knew who you might meet because of the story he was writing, and they were producing. And if he didn’t bring anyone, he was interesting enough for me. He did bring Jodi Foster by once. Although I didn’t meet her, and it is okay.

Though as I grew older, my neighbors did too. Their health started to fail. His mother with Alzheimer’s disease. His father’s physical decline.

I remember his last visit to our house when I still lived at home. He was sitting around the kitchen table with my mother talking as usual. The sweet aroma of coffee and baked goods. Nanny was living with us then. So there was always something sweet in the house.

I anxiously brought up some of my work for him to read. It is one thing to write something you think will never see the light of day, but to give it to another person to read– well that requires an act of bravery. You are giving that person the power to crush your soul. Those words on the paper are a piece of you. 

He liked what I wrote. Loved it. He told me to never stop writing. Never stop reading. Not to give up on my dreams of being a writer.

And with a smile I said, “I won’t.”

I looked up to this man. A re-occurring character in my life. I admired him. I promised I wouldn’t give up on my dream of being a writer.

I haven’t forgotten what he said. I may have taken a detour. I pushed my dreams aside to purse other dreams, and as a teenager the haze of hormones and promise of true love blinded my path.

As an adult, I realize how important it is for me to have my own dreams. If we are not following our dreams and doing what we are called to do, how will our children aspire to do more than they could ever dream?

If I can inspire my children by following my dreams, they will learn it is possible to follow theirs! 

  • I spent an hour looking for the clown picture from when we went to the festival. I don’t have it my mother does somewhere so when I can locate it, I will post it!




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