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I’m Writing. Are You?


This week, I have been productive with my blogging. So maybe this weekend I can slack off? Nah!

The only challenge will be weekends when the family is home. I don’t want to miss having fun with them. Plus, it is noisy with distractions! So I have already thought about ways I can spend time with them, and post here.

Three things that were monumental to my success this week–

  1. Making time to write. I didn’t set aside the time before. Nor did I take writing seriously.
  2. Prioritizing tasks at home. Which gave me more time to write. After writing, I felt super- productive. Not only were chores complete, I wrote!
  3. Continuing to learn more about blogging. I continue to find more about blogging that can improve my blog so my readers can be satisfied.

Yesterday I changed the name of the site to something I like better.  Actually, I think I am loving it! I admit I changed it twice. The first name change didn’t settle well with me. I hope the new one sticks, and everyone likes it. It seems to fit me.

Today it doesn’t look like I have much done though looks can be deceiving. I updated all my pages. Don’t worry, I didn’t change the layout. That way if you are looking for something, you will still know where to find it.

Have a great weekend!





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