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Be the Fountain. Not the Drain. Poem.

Be the Fountain. Not the Drain.

©2016 LC

“Be a fountain,”

they say, “not a drain.”

For it does no good,

to complain.


Life will pass you by,

If you can’t learn to think positively.

All the negativity–

sucks the life out of me.


Look how the hate spreads like wildfire.

Though we can learn to love, again.

To respect each other.

Agree to encourage. Be friends.


The world can be a crazy place to live.

Fill your thoughts with hope and cast the shadows away.

Hold on tightly to your dreams, dear one!

Every day we wake up is the beginning of a brand new day!


This poem was inspired by the quote it was stuck in my head all day so I thought I’d try to write a poem about it. However sucky it turned out, I followed through with writing it.

Thanks for reading,






Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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