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All is Well.

All is well with my writing classes. The only thing going for me right now in the way of writing. My creative gears may not turning (little sleep contributing); however, I am using this time wisely to read and study my craft. I’ve set goals for myself since I’ve too much going on here right now.

I have projects started. I just need to follow-through, which isn’t always the easiest for me. I know I’ll get there. I have a plan.


I’m going to get up in the morning when the hubby goes to work, and write. resisting any urges to clean up. Or do any chores. I will have coffee, and plant myself firmly on the sofa.

This will be the best time for me to write before my children are awake. I’ve tried this approach, but my O.C.D. tendencies take over sometimes. Not as often as it used to. Folding clothes can wait.

What happens next– I will grab my coffee, sit on the sofa, wrap myself in my blanket, make sure neither child can be woken up by my brute of a dog, and turn on my computer to become immersed in social media.

I am torn between doing school, the urge to write, and catching up with people. Sometimes I feel guilty for putting my friends on hold to write. I don’t use the social media outlet as often as I once did, and when I question myself as to why– I can never find a good reason.

Maybe I am becoming a technophobe. I hate cellphones. My husband always has his in front of his face, and I’m determined not to become the same way when he is at home. During the day, it can be chaos here with two kids.

In the morning, my cell will start vibrating as I’m sitting here. Usually it is my mother. If I tell her I’m awake, she will want to talk even though she knows I’m writing. I feel bad, of course, because she is my mother. So I’ll call her.

After-all, the woman did raise me. I owe her my time and attention. And a whole lot of patience. She is coming up on her 74th birthday, and I know I caused her a lot of her white hairs.

By this time, any time I may have wanted to spend writing toward my book or blogging is dwindling. My children are starting to stir. My silly oaf of a dog grows impatient because his playmates aren’t up yet, and gets noisy.

I’ve decided I’m going to turn my phone off for a couple of hours in the morning so I can write. It may only be a couple of hours every morning, but maybe in those two hours I can do something productive. Eventually they will add up to something.


If anyone needs me and it’s urgent.. they know how to find me. This is something I have to do for me. Then, during the day if I have any extra time I can write– that is a bonus. I can carve out extra time later.

I did figure out I can write more of Tuck and Alice even though I published them here. Another famous author publishes all his first drafts for his readers to glance at. Which is brave! (Think it was Branden Sanderson?)

I recently joined a writers community called Authonomy. I haven’t had the time to look around much yet, but if anyone else is interested–


I am hoping to be back at it again soon. Not sleeping can really wear a person down. Zapping any creativity they may have had.

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to your writing? Do you have any rituals you find helpful?



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