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Martha and John, Writing Prompt.

You left Martha waiting for the bus in a winter storm. The bus has just pulled up. The first person off the bus is Martha’s ex-husband John. You’re going to write one paragraph (no more than five sentences) telling what happens next.

The wind howls as snowflakes pour angrily down from dark, ominous clouds responsible for the whiteout covering the town in beautiful hues of whitish-blue snow. “Who knows how long I’ll be left waiting here,” Martha mumbles pulling the hood of her black-pea coat over her head.  Her eyes scan the crowd as the chill goes through her bones—though it’s not from the bitter cold. Her violet eyes lock with a pair of sad blue ones belonging to her ex-husband, John, who waves from across the room as the bus arrives. The memories flood back as she sees John starting to make his way toward her, the brakes hiss,  and Martha runs to the bus to escape.


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