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I’m Getting Old.

It’s been a long few days spent regrouping. Over the weekend, I was jammed onto a charter bus filled with teenagers from my son’s band and chorus to compete with several other schools in our area. We left in the middle of the night, and arrived the next morning. An adventure…

We left around 3 am. To start preparing for the trip, I had to be up around 2. Running on 4.5 hours of sleep, and only one cup of coffee we woke up Jeremy to drive us.

When we arrived at the school, everything was chaos! What did I expect, right? Kids were scattered about. No one seemed to know what they were doing. I lost my cellphone running after Henry.

We figured out what bus we were boarding, jumped on it, and quickly had to retreat. Everyone was sitting in the wrong seats. Once we were arranged, then we could board. Henry’s best friend happened to be seated with him– his mother also a chaperone, and coordinating the bus.

I had a seat to myself. Not that it mattered much. It was not comfortable. I don’t know how people can sleep on them. I’m sure musicians have money put into their tour bus because they are on them a lot.

The girls across from me were loud, and had their light on the whole way there. Annoyed the life out of me to have a light shining in my eyes. I know I could have said something, but it’s not in me to be mean. Most of the others had their lights off, and were sleeping.

We arrived at the school early, and I could not tell you the name of the school. In a haze, I didn’t drink a whole pot of coffee. When we stopped at the rest stop even though we had ample opportunity, we were not allowed to grab coffee. We were the first school to arrive at Hershey.

The school was nice, clean, and seemed to have plenty of opportunities for the children there to grow. Posted about various clubs for them to join. Our children don’t have those sort of opportunities like Bible club. The reason their school is so nice is because their school taxes are low. The money from Hershey Park pays for the school.

Our school– the first to perform. The band, of course, put on an awesome performance. Henry on the drums. He did great! I brought a back-up camera, and had to laugh because compared to other technology it had to look like it was from the dinosaur ages. I’m glad I could video tape him. Even though I was bouncing around to the rhythm the whole time.

The chorus performed second, and it made people upset because we went out of turn. We were ready, and already warmed up. I don’t understand why people become mad over the silliest things. It’s dumb.

After the children had performed, they started carrying their equipment back out to the bus. I started back outside, and when I did another school was coming in. I noticed they needed another door held open so I held it for them.

Their band director said, “You need to open another door, guys.” A kid wearing their color shirt opened another door as they started flowing through it.

So I said, “Hello? Another door?” as I stood holding the door.

The assistant band director said, “Oh, thanks!” As she smiled. Though no one would go through my door.

Deflated I shut the door, and went to find my son. We were all wearing different color shirts for our school. It must have been the color of my shirt, but still! Why do people take competitions so seriously?

After the competition was over, we went to Hershey Park. The children could ride whatever they wanted. Henry walked around with his friend, his sister, and so I walked around with his mom.

We were all tired, and it made for a long day. It didn’t help people were rude everywhere you went. I tried to be nice, but it didn’t seem to help.

For example- I ordered a pretzel, and asked the woman nicely for what I wanted. I thanked her for it. Told her to have a nice day. Her responses for everything I said- “yep! yep! yep!” She was rude!

When we were eating dinner, we sat next to a bunch of younger adults. Probably late teens, early twenties. They were eating too, and they were talking about my eyebrows.

“One is thinner than the other.” The girl said, and they’d laugh.

After a little while of sitting there, they finally decided they would eat. Then, we heard her say, “Oh! I’m so fat!”

Thinking to myself. “Yeah, you are so fat!”

Meanwhile, she is thin as a rail. She looks like she needs someone to hook her up to a tube just to get some nutrients into her body. Reed’s friend’s sister, and I exchanged glances. We had to go.

It was a hot, sunny day. I forgot my shades, and the sunscreen. It decided to rain. I forgot my umbrella. We bought ponchos. I bought a hat. My hair was on the fritz.

By the end of the night, we were all exhausted.  People bumping into you without saying, “Excuse me.” Or running into you deliberately. Someone tried to grab Henry on purpose after a ride. That was scary.

The award ceremony was disappointing for the children, and most of all Henry. He practiced hard, and didn’t feel he was recognized for it. Even though we all praised him for his performance, he didn’t feel like he did good enough. The band did take 2nd place. The saxophones were recognized. The chorus placed 1st for their women’s choir, and overall they won 2nd place for chorus.

The ride home was long. I tried out four different positions. Got a Charley-horse, I sat up trying to stretch muttering a bad word low enough hoping no one would hear. Noticed the bus was passing another bus, and almost hit it. Then, I worried the whole way home about whether or not the driver was going to sleep. When I woke up, we were home so the praying helped as it always does.

Jeremy picked us up. A grumpy man, but he was there. He found my cellphone. I worried over it the whole trip. You don’t want some stranger in your cell. Not that I have anything bad in it, but… it’s the idea of it.

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to recuperate from this trip. I’ve caught up with the house, and the classes I’m taking. I’m writing and it feels good. I added a new page for my haikus. I’m thinking of other things I can add.



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