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Two days ago, I submitted my first story to “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The deadline was the next day, and I thought, “I can do this!” The story was “Think Possible.” Back in the “dinosaur ages,” as my children would tease, essays were ” my thing.” I cranked it out, and turned it in feeling accomplished.

Will I hear anything back? I don’t know. I’m not expecting to. My son arrived home from school shortly thereafter, and I had many interruptions. I looked it over a couple of times before submitting it. Proud I even came up with the words on the blank page!

I showed it to my mentor from my writing classes, who is an author, and she was proud of me. I am critical of myself. Looking at it now, I see places where I could trim, and add more. I am under the 1,200 words, but it’s still an inspirational story. Ah.. we will see. At least I am writing!

I have two stories in progress, and am thinking of another. Though it’s more of an autobiographical about my great-grandmother, she helped raise me as a child. The many stories I am gathering now from my mother– the trials and struggles– wow! She worked hard, and lived through a lot.

Aside from this, I want to write an ethical will for my children. I haven’t decided if I want to write separate ones– one for my son, and another for my daughter. Or just one.

Working on some poetry too!



Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

8 thoughts on “Productive.

    1. Thank You! I hope so too! 🙂

      Honestly I’m not sure I have one. I was working so close to deadline– I knew I had a story, and it needed to be told.

      There are times if I think too hard about what I’m trying to write– the words won’t come– and other times if I am relaxed– they flow freely.

      I can think in the shower… I think most of us can, but when I’m baking.. or out walking. Sometimes even doing chores… it just comes when I sit down to write, and I know when I’m done for the day.. Because nothing else will follow. Kinda frustrating. Then I know it starts again the next day.

      I read about the craft of writing, and read a lot. I’ve found that to be helpful in igniting the spark.

      How about you? Have you found anything to be helpful when writing?

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      1. That’s awesome! Isn’t weird how certain ideas just come to us? How did you get the opportunity to write for the book?

        My creative process is a little weird but it works really well for me… I have a book that I’m currently working on but I have a notepad that I keep with me at all times. When I feel the urge to write I jot it down to later come back to it and transfer the ideas or thoughts to my book. Everything I write here on my website is bits and pieces of different concepts from my book.

        Now that I write everyday the ideas flow freely. Yes, reading has definitely helped me expand my mind by learning different forms of writing. It’s beautiful what you we can create when you apply yourself.

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      2. Yes, it is!

        You go to their website, and see what topics they have available.

        I too keep a notebook in my purse. I use it sometimes. I keep one by my bed too in the event I wake up with something. I’ve had that happen, but I grow frustrated because I can’t remember.. It can be the most beautiful poem I’ve ever heard too.. :-/

        I think you are right it does help to write every day. I think even me here blogging helps me. Don’t you ever worry about putting ideas on the internet that someone will take them?

        I would like to gain people’s perspective on what I write, but I worry about that sometimes.

        You are right! Taking yourself seriously as a writer is important. If we apply ourselves it is amazing what we can do!


      3. You know I never realized that till now that you bring it up. I need to read a little more on how we can protect everything we post here. I would hate for someone to come and steal my ideas because I truly work hard on this.

        But then again if we live a life with fear it’s as if we haven’t lived at all! I read that somewhere haha. Thank you for sharing this information and I hope to read more from you!

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      4. Yeah! That is a good idea!

        I am going to be posting stuff I think.. I am not really sure about book ideas. But things to help me practice.

        Yes, I’d hate for that to happen too! I know how hard you work. We pour our hearts and souls into this!

        Poetry is alright. I’ve read about it. But books are different..

        Yes, you are right about fear. I was talking about that yesterday with someone. Can’t live life in fear of the unknown. Or you aren’t really living at all.

        You are welcome!

        I went to your page to look at your work, and in search of a follow button for WordPress though I couldn’t find one– yet. Maybe I missed it. I do that sometimes!

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      5. Actually my website is self hosted so you have to subscribe through your email I just added a follow tab on the right hand corner of the screen. Having a self-hosted website has it’s flaws for users but I try and manage!

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      6. That is what I gathered, I am learning! I am new to this. I bought a website myself though inmotion, and am in the process of setting it up. It has been a nightmare!!


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