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Tuning Out.

The weekend is here, and I’m already tuning out. It’s been a bad day. I never thought the week would end. Neither did Kayla, who was reluctant to go to school today, but she did! Henry, a bit grumpy this week, but manageable. Yes, weekend, I’m glad you are here. But what took you so long!!

I had a crappy appointment today with two quack doctors. One was a fellow. The other was as she said, “her boss.” It took everything I had not to laugh in their faces. It was better than the alternative, crying. I almost asked for my forty dollas back! What a waste of two hours!

I had to grocery shop from two stores in a hurry to be home in time for Henry. Putting together dinners in my mind as I went. Which is hard to do for me, I had sales flyers to work from. I price match when I can because I’m good like that. Even though I forgot to use my coupons, I would’ve saved four dollars. What do I hate more than grocery shopping? Cooking. But I’m learning.

After grocery shopping, I had to take it all home and unload it all. In a hurry to pick up Henry from school because I had to pick up his medication. My mom went with me today. She wanted to, but by this time she was getting tired. She wanted to order them food, and while it was cooking we picked up Kayla. Picked it up and came home.

Mom was in a rushed mood today because our neighbor is dying. He has cancer. He’s a nice guy, and funny too. He was best friends with my dad. He’s a car guy, and would love to talk to Jeremy. With work, he’s busy a lot so when he’s home he doesn’t do much. I wish he would think about things more, but his job is stressful. Sometimes I think it’s a cop-out, but I hear about it. So I know some.

Mom left and I started doing all the cleaning I couldn’t do today. I walked on the treadmill. I haven’t been doing Jane. I may start back up again. Did some laundry. I had a pop tart for dinner. Some dinner, huh?

I’m tuned out. It’s the weekend. I plan on working on my writing some. I’m hoping to get all my household stuff done so I can relax.



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