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In Case of Emergency Break the Glass!

If you find yourself in the middle of a melt-down, and recognize your warning signs coming on you can fix them. To stop the downward, spinning spiral from sucking you in think of positive things you can do to pull yourself out of it. Feeling tired, hungry, or frustrated can have an effect on your work, and it may not be long before you start pulling at your hair…

For me my list would be..

1. Finding something to clean. Sounds crazy right? But cleaning or throwing something out is actually calming to me at times.

2. Dancing to some good tunes.

3. Making a playlist for this specific occasion. Listening to songs that energize me.

4. Grabbing a snack. For me this would be greek yogurt or something of the sort. Salted Carmel is yummy! Too bad its limited edition!

5. Grabbing a drink. Sometimes when we are working we don’t realize how thirsty we are.

6. Writing about what is bugging me.

7.  Finding quotes about how I’m feeling. Or something funny to laugh at. (bookmarked ahead of time for occasion)

8. Reading Bible verses about strength and trusting God.

9. Looking at old pictures of my family. Perhaps posting them to go HAHAHAHAHAH!

10. Listen to a sermon from because Craig is awesome and energizing!

If you read 10 signs all hell is breaking loose and made your top 10, you definitely need to make your 10 emergency procedures. These will help you get you to level ground again.

I would also recommend reading, “Write Every Day.” I enjoy reading it, and it’s 2.99 (was)  in the kindle store.



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