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Finding Balance. Establishing Boundaries.

Being a writer, it’s all about finding a balance of what works for you. Between working through your best ideas, and finally putting them on paper and dividing your time between your family, work, and other commitments, it can be tough. There is no doubt establishing boundaries can be grueling. Leaving you feeling guilty. Drawn between your love for words, and need to let them out. And your love for other people.

Time management is important. If you can effectively manage your time, setting boundaries won’t hurt so badly. For me, I know I can’t avoid my mother because she IS my mother. She’s in her mid-seventies in poor health. I’m not going to pass up a chance to talk to her. Other calls I can screen.

My family here at home I obviously cannot neglect. I can write when my children are busy. Since they are older, they are easily entertained with gadgets and gizmos. We make family time each day because they do become immersed. But if they want my attention, I will give it to them. I love my children more than life itself. I make time for my husband in the evening. Then, he plays Borderlands. Ewe!

Finding a rhythm won’t be hard. Tracking how days are spent to see what works and what doesn’t is key. You won’t receive any more hours in the day so make the hours you have count! If you can’t keep to routines and you find them boring (like me) switch them up. Even though you’re doing the same thing, you can find a way to make them exciting!

For me, I’m most productive in the morning. The evening I don’t want to be productive because I was productive most of the day. Although sometimes, I do get these rapid bursts of energy that are nice! Recognize where you are most productive and eliminate what stands in your way of writing! It is what I’ve been doing this year, and every day so far I’ve been here. Minus the snow day when I didn’t manage my time wisely.

I’m still reading, Write Every Day, and it’s helping me. More to come with “Ten Signs All Hell is Breaking Loose”, and “In Case of Emergency Break the Glass”.



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