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How It Goes.

Slowly.. but it goes. With anything any progress takes time and it is gradual, but it’s still progress. I’m done with the two writing classes I was taking. I didn’t get here to journal and do the exercises like I was supposed to do. I didn’t have time! Oops! But now that I am done with both of them, I’ve realized these things are only going to happen if I make it happen. I have to want it bad enough. So I have been trying to evaluate how badly I want to write, and what kind of time I would have to put into it to make it happen.

I was disappointed I didn’t keep up more with the classes. I was interested with them in the beginning. I think the way they were organized threw me off because they aren’t organized very well. The material was interesting enough. I did pass with flying colors. I have certified training  in Creative Writing and Intro to Journalism now– if that means anything. I’m in two writers courses right now. Ones where you actually have to write. Have I actually wrote anything yet– no, ahah. I need to. I’ve been picking my brain trying to think of what kind of story I’d even want to write. I don’t even know if it’d sound right. I guess the only way to find out is to try.

I did start-up my Twitter. It’s .. different. And I don’t really “get” it. Jeremy pokes fun at me because I’m not very good with my “smart phone.” I use it for texting. Though I rarely use it for texting– if I can avoid it. I hate texting, but sometimes it’s better than talking on the phone. I did like talking on the phone, but not so much anymore. I’m not sure how it came about. Now everyone Facebooks their problems instead of talking to each other. So much can get lost in translation.



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