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© LC 2013

Time is all we have

but is so easily wasted

on being sad

Some days I wish

that I would have waited

instead of chasing after what we had

I should have let you

come after me when we separated

if you really had it so bad

But I was so stubborn

After you left feeling jaded

I tried so hard to get back what we had

I wish I could go back to that moment

And wait you out if what we had was so sacred

But I wanted my kids to have their dad

I was convinced that I loved you

I thought love was enough so I became motivated

But I should have left it alone and just continued to be sad

I should have let you

come back for me instead

Only then would this be right in my head

It saddens me to say

that I think I love you more

and that our relationship is turning out to be like it was before

But only time will tell

— the truth of it all

which is how it will play out– how the cards will fall.





Dreamer. Doer. Poet. Writer. Mom. Baker. Lover of Many Things.

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